Wonderful Evidence of Spirit at a Time of Need

Introduction by Leo Bonomo

From time to time, we come across wonderful evidence of Spirit, most of which is familiar to us as mediums, psychics and those newly initiated to the great reality of life after death.

Mediums become accustomed to the fact that, “Yes, of course, this is real” and can, on occasion, miss the real and far-reaching impact, the total wonderment and huge effect this realization can have on a person’s life. In the sharing below, we experience the fantastic moment of the bliss that arrives when we KNOW that we do survive death and it comes with such impactful evidence that we cannot ever dispute it.

It is the wonderful gift of Spirit that takes away all fear, as in this case. The evidence cannot be contradicted, although sceptics have certainly tried in the past. If you have “an interest” but feel that you have not had proper evidence, then take heart. This story is a wonderful recounting of an incident that has many values. I, myself, have given evidence of a need to forgive someone who has passed. Sometimes, such terrible things have been done, that people are still unwilling to forgive.

Our need to fix things after we have passed

The evidence presented in the following story shows that when we pass over, we can see and understand the impact of our actions, their full repercussions, and how we are driven to try and fix them. In this case, the need for love and forgiveness was demonstrated (by the person in spirit) with good evidence.

This is, to my mind, as great a story as you would ever hear; a story of our times given the stress being experienced by corona virus. My thanks go out to the wonderful soul who has shared this very personal account of events that are often played out with a very different ending.

Photo Credit: PD Pics, Pixabay

Jane’s Story

Has anybody experienced anything similar to this?

In 2010, I experienced something that I’ll never understand; an experience I will never ever forget but also an experience that has taken away all of my previous fears and anxieties around death and dying.

Just a typical, normal night in 2010 and I took myself off to bed. Like any other night, I got comfy and started to read my book. After around 10 minutes, I noticed a dim orb-like light to my right. I remember not really taking that much interest in it and just carried on reading. After around an hour, I turned my lamp off and lay down.

It was only around 2 minutes after turning the light off that I noticed the dim light again. So I peeked over my duvet and to my astonishment, my dad was at the bottom of my bed! I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing my dad and remember questioning myself, was I dreaming this? But nope. I was 100% seeing him. I really wasn’t too worried by his presence, but the strange thing was that he appeared to me with no waist or legs, just him from his belly up.

I could see every pore on his face. It was so surreal. A brightness glowed around him and he looked so very young; he held his hand out to me and even though his lips never moved, I knew he wanted me to take his hand. He never smiled once whilst he was with me and I never leant forward to take his hand either. I can’t explain why I didn’t but I felt so guilty and upset when he left that I hadn’t.

Mum said there was no way Dad was dead

Eventually, I managed to fall sleep and the first thing I did the next morning was call my mum who lived in France at the time. I told her about my experience of seeing dad standing at the bottom of my bed and at the same time, I told her that my dad must be dead! My mum told me that there was no way my dad would be dead, the reason being, my mum and dad had divorced when I was 11 years old. Poor mum found out he was having an affair with another woman and he was to stay with this other woman till the day he died.

Dad was never a good dad; mum said they married too young and that he worked all day and spend all night in the local pub. This upset mum, as he often came home in a state, never took any interest in family life at all, never gave her a penny and me and my sister were almost non-existent to him.

Mum said he wouldn’t have died because she had always kept in touch with a member of his family and each year they sent each other a Christmas card and would write the occasional letter to each other too. She told me, “If your dad was very poorly or had even died then I’d have been contacted.” She said she had always asked about my dad & was always told he was well.

I tried for years to be in his life

I tried for years to be in his life and thought that when he remarried, I’d be accepted more. The woman he married was Scottish and already had five girls from her previous marriage, so I thought I’d fit in fine. But I didn’t because dad’s new wife didn’t want me around for fear of dad returning to mum one day. Well, that’s what I believed the reason to be – fat chance of that ever happening. Dad’s new wife was an absolute bitch! I never received a birthday card, nor a Christmas card ever, so decided after years of trying, it was time to let go. I eventually gave up, but thought about him often, with a tear in my eye.

Anyway getting back to where I left off, after speaking with mum about my experience with dad, I thought she was more than likely going to be right, so I just brushed it off and tried to forget it had ever happened. I went to bed the next night but nothing out of the ordinary occurred, although I actually whispered to him in my mind as I so wanted him to appear to me again. I missed him and wished I’d taken hold of his hand.

Photo Credit: Frank Winkler

Was this evidence?

I had an invite to my sister’s for tea, so went along with my hubby but never mentioned anything about seeing dad. My sister's husband said he’d got something for me; turned out to be a brochure-like magazine relating to Scotland, not that I’d ever visited Scotland. I was a little intrigued as to why he’d be giving me this and when I asked why, he replied by saying, “I thought you’d be interested as it mentions a few historical places.” And he knew I loved history.

I remember opening up the magazine somewhere towards the middle and for some odd reason I felt a really strong connection to the island that appeared on that page. It was Cumbrae, on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland. The feeling was so strong that I turned the mag around and told everyone to look at how beautiful it was. I even told them I felt a realy uncanny connection to the place & that I needed to go! They just laughed.

Five days later after his visitation, it got to night time again so I retired to bed. Again, nothing unusual, just the same. Got cosy and read my book. I must have been reading for near on an hour when I suddenly felt I wasn’t alone, but I never experienced a bright light. I looked around but couldn’t see anything unusual. I just had this feeling of being watched. Then I put my book down and turned off my lamp.

As I lay there for about 15 or so minutes, I felt the need to look towards the bottom of my bed and omg! Dad was stood their again. I immediately sat up. He looked exactly the same as five nights previous and he held his hand out to me again, only this time, I leant forward and held his hand. I looked on as his hand grasped mine, but felt nothing. I looked at him and he was smiling, then in seconds he was gone! My heart was absolutely broken. I cried myself to sleep but I knew for sure my dad was telling me he had died.

The last time I saw my dad was 1992

The next morning, I got back on the phone straight away to mum and told her that my dad was dead and that he’d visited me again. I couldn’t stop crying and she said, “Let me go, Jane, as I’m going to ring your Auntie Pat.” She was my dad’s adopted sister and the family member mum had always kept in touch with.

The last time I saw my dad was 1992, when I was 26 and married with two children. He never bothered with either of them, yet in 1991, whilst living around 30 miles away from dad, my youngest child became very poorly and was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

Me and my hubby stayed at the hospital and one morning on arriving at my daughter’s ward, I was astonished to see my dad sat by her bedside. He saw us approach and left in the other direction. I shouted over to him but he never turned around. I’d never done anything to this man. I just wanted to be loved by him and to be part of his life but it wasn’t to be.

You were right Jane, your dad passed away

The telephone rang and I knew it would be mum calling, so I quickly grabbed it. I immediately asked if she’d managed to contact Auntie Pat and her reply was, “You were right Jane, your dad passed away on 18th February 2007”.

So I had for sure received a visit from my dad not once, but twice! Mum also told me that she had strong words with Auntie Pat over the phone and told her how utterly disgusted and upset she was that she had not contacted her over his death back in 2007. She also asked how she could have written back in past letters stating that he was well, when all along he’d been dead for the last 3 years!

Mum said that for the entire time she ranted down the phone to Auntie Pat, there was just silence, until she told her to at least tell her where he was buried, so then at least her girls could go and pay their respects to their dad. “The thing is, Linda,” came the reply, “he’s not buried, he’s cremated. But his body isn’t close enough for the girls to visit as his wishes were to have his ashes scattered on the Island of Cumbrae, Ayrshire in Scotland.”

Omg! Omg ! The magazine, the connection I felt with this Island of Cumbrae; an island I never knew existed but felt such tremendous connection with because it was my dad’s final resting place. He found a way to contact me to let me know of his passing, something his wife should have done, and Auntie Pat. But they chose not too and I can not forgive them for that; even my mum cut ties with Auntie Pat because in her eyes, what she did was so unforgivable.

It’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack

Although he was never around for me he’s still my dad and always will be. I love him very much and I’m happy he came to let me know he had passed, as that proves to me his love and I know wholeheartedly that he’s sorry for the past because I just get that feeling. I’ve never seen him since that second visit but know he’s around very often.

This experience wasn’t a dream. This experience was real and has taken all the fear out of dying. I know there is more to come after this life because since my two visitations from my dad, I’ve had a few more experiences that didn’t involve seeing him.

I’ve also since been up to Scotland and took a short ferry ride over to the island with my hubby. That in itself was very odd as I had no idea where dad was resting. Auntie Pat had only told mum he was on the island. Once I’d driven off the ferry, I turned left, which took us down to the beach.

It was so very quiet, not a soul to be seen and my hubby said there was no way I’d find my dads resting place. He got out of the car to ask someone in a local shop if they had any idea where most of the resting places were to be found, but they didn’t. They just told my hubby, “It’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Photo Credit: Reinhard Thrainer

The lone bagpiper

As we turned the car around to go the other way, a lone bagpiper came off the beach playing the bagpipes. It was so odd because nobody was around except for me and the hubby. We sat and listened as he played, and I just cried. Then we carried on and after travelling for around two miles, I abruptly said to my hubby, “STOP! He’s here.”

There were stone steps to my right and I felt he was at the top of those steps. My hubby said to me, “You’re mad, Jane”, but I got out and once I reached the top, there he was. I found him. The feeling was so overwhelming. There I was, finally with my dad and at peace with myself.

Leo Bonomo’s Response to Jane’s Story

This is a fantastic, beautiful story that mediums are very familiar with. Your Dad had given you clues to his passing at a time when you were open, and guided you to the very spot he was "laid to rest." Not only that, he has acknowledged that he had wronged you and wanted your forgiveness which you had given him. He was aware of your regret and persistent enough to come back and try again, giving you the encouragement you needed. I think it is a wonderful thing.

When we experience something like this, it is a forceful awakening to the ‘real life,’ that the personality survives death. Death is only of the body, the gross material we have created for our means, that is all. You have been blessed and your Dad has given you the greatest gift anyone could ever give.

Evidence that we are eternal

The realisation that we are eternal, the realisation that death is nothing to fear. That we do survive and that "we shall meet again" I am so very sure that this story will encourage so many others who may not yet have found that comfort you have and are experiencing. While you have shared this, I do not think you have realised the full impact it will have on others.

There is a reason you have shared beyond what you know with great evidence too. Thank you for sharing this light, love and experience for all to share. It is wonderfully touching.

Light, always,