What Attracts Ants?

what attracts ants
Photographer: Parvana Praveen | Source: Unsplash

Despite your best precautions, ant infestations are not that uncommon these days. While we all know food is a major attraction to ants, there are other things that can attract ants to your home or your garden. If you are curious about the main attractions for ants, be sure to read our information below.


what attracts ants
Photographer: Jong Marshes | Source: Unsplash

Not everyone knows the link between ants and water. It is actually a common fact that ants need a source of water to survive when conditions are extremely warm and dry. If you have a source of water in your garden or near your home, ant infestations are more likely to occur.

The same also applies to the inside of your home. If you have a leaky water pipe and weather conditions are dry, ant infestations could occur inside your home. Therefore, eliminating sources of standing water inside and outside your home will be essential to keep ants at bay.

Sheltered Nesting Locations

Good shelter is important for ants too, so it is important to check the areas they are most likely to build a nest. Ants can get quite creative when it comes to their nests. They can build nests between wooden logs, baseboards, and even the foundation of your walls.

What Attracts Ants?

Since ants can create a nest in the tiniest places, it is important to check for any openings or crevices around your home and ensure they get closed up as soon as possible. Otherwise, ants could easily enter your home.

Garden Pest Control

You may believe that garden pest control will keep ants at bay, but it could have an adverse effect. Once your garden has been treated with pesticide, ants will move themselves to an area that is free of such pesticides, most likely near your home.

When it comes to treating pests in your garden, it is usually best to choose something a little more natural. If you choose natural pest control methods, ants are less likely to migrate near your home. For more information, please contact Apex Pest Control for professional advice.

Shrubbery Can Be Entry Points

Shrubbery such as hedges and large bushes could actually be entry points for ants in your home. A large bush near a window can give ants the perfect stepping stone for entering your home, so you must be careful how much shrubbery you place around your home.

Ants are not the only ones who are attracted by shrubbery. There are a slew of other pests that can hide in shrubbery, so there are more reasons to avoid putting bushes and other plants near your home.

What Attracts Ants Better Than Food?

what attracts ants

When mentioning the main attractions for ants, we cannot forget to discuss food. Ants do not need a large amount of food to survive either, so even the smallest amount of crumbs could prove a brilliant food source for ants.

Ants use scouts to find their food source. As soon as a scout has located food, it will warn the rest of the ants and they will then make their way towards the food source. Therefore, it is important to keep your countertops free of food residue.

Human food is not the only thing ants are attracted to, they can also be attracted to pet food. Both wet and dry pet food can be an attraction for ants, so it is important to ensure ants cannot enter your home at all. There are also some special storage options, which enables you to keep dry food and wet food away from the ants.

It is certainly recommended to protect pet food against ants, as ants can contaminate food; this because ants crawl through all kinds of things. Ants can also cause illness in humans; this includes bacteria such as staphylococcus and salmonella.

Open Windows

If you leave your windows open for longer periods of time, you are more likely to encounter an ant infestation. Open windows are also an open invitations for ants to enter your home, as it makes their entry a whole lot easier; this especially applies to room such as your kitchen. So, if you spot an ant infestation in your garden, be sure to remove the nest promptly and keep your windows closed until the infestation resolves itself.

Another way to avoid ants coming in through windows is by using window screens. However, you must also make sure that window screens do not contain any holes or crevices, as this ensures ants cannot make their way in.

Rotten Wood

Rotting Wood Attracts Ants

Regular wood is already an attraction for ants, but rotten wood is even more so. Rotten wood has everything ants are looking for; this includes shelter and water. Rotten wood also makes it easier for ants to burrow themselves in.

Certain types of ants can also destroy wood; this includes the so-called carpenter ants. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat the wood. However, they do use pieces of wood to create their nests. Therefore, an infestation of carpenter ants can do some serious damage to your home and should be avoided at all cost.

Check Your Carpets And Hardwood Flooring

The space underneath your carpet and hardwood flooring is another preferred hiding location for ants, as there is food nearby and the location is not subject to extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, infestations in these locations can be so much harder to get rid of.

Once ants nest themselves underneath carpet or hardwood flooring, they can easily get into small crevices; this makes their elimination even harder. If you encounter an infestation such as this, then it is recommended to hire a professional to eradicate the infestation.

Utility Lines

Your utility lines also create an opportunity for ants to enter your home. Utility lines usually enter your home from the outside, and when a seal is missing or when small holes occur in the seal, ants can easily enter.

To ensure your utility lines are not the problem, be sure to check all the seals around your utility lines. Also check for crevices and holes inside your home, as they could also be a potential problem. Once there are no more holes and crevices, you have a much smaller chance of ant infestations.

A Final Thought On What Attracts Ants?

Many of the store bought ant baits and traps and repellents are very short lived and often do not work according to the claims. If you have a serious ant problem then call a professional pest control company such as Apex Pest Control Asheville.