Two Americans freed by North Korea are on their way home

My last gale shot – I promise
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Image by Today is a good day
Had enough yet??? 🙂 I have dozens, but this will be the last I post.
The orange storm sail in this one with just a glimpse of the horizon behind adds some perspective to a shot that is otherwise just a rush of water.

This is my favourite of all the shots I took in this gale.

I heard in the news this morning that some sailors are in distress in trans Atlantic race – with winds of 70 miles an hour in the Bay of Biscay. What we experienced was a walk in the park in comparison. My thoughts are with them.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea freed two Americans from prison and they were returning to the United States on Saturday after the surprise involvement of the top-ranking U.S. intelligence official in their release.

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