Tough to make a case against police in shootings

King Adikhalamani Offering a Collar to Osiris and Isis
Image by j. kunst
Madrid, Temple of Debod, March 2013

One of the scenes adorning the chapel of king Adikhalamani of Meroë in the Temple of Debod. The king can be seen presenting a broad collar (wesekh) to the Gods Osiris and Isis. The temple was presented to Spain in 1968 in recognition of its contribution to the preservation of Egyptian antiquities in the 1960s.

Graeco-Roman Period, c. 200-180 BCE. Sandstone. From Debod (near Aswan).

A Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict a policeman for the killing of Michael Brown illustrates the difficulty of making a case against officers in fatal shootings and points to the likelihood of a similar…
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