The 3 Most Dangerous Pests In North Carolina

There is a reason why you should use pest control services when you encounter an unwanted pest inside your home. And the most convincing reasons might just be these three dangerous pests that can be encountered in North Carolina. The pests we are talking about are the Black Widow Spider, Recluse Spider, and Fire Ants.

The Black Widow Spider

Out of all insects around the world, the Black Widow Spider is the name that conjures fear in the hearts of man. And that fear is well-founded, as the Black Widow is one of the world’s most poisonous spiders.

dangerous pests in north carolina
The Deadly Black Widow

A bit from the Black Widow causes sharp pain in the area where the bit occurs. As the poison spreads through the system, it leads to flu-like symptoms. When an antivenom is not taken, seizures, shock, and even death are a real possibility.

Black Widow Spiders can be recognized by their characterized shiny black body. They also have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen, which makes them stand out from similar-looking spiders. Black Widow Spiders are also more aggressive when there are egg sacks nearby.

A distinction should be made between the male and the female Black Widow Spider. The male Black Widow is not dangerous, while the female is extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, if you believe you may have a Black Widow Spider problem, you should contact a pest control company as soon as possible.

The Recluse Spider

Another dangerous spider that can be found in North Carolina is the Recluse Spider. These spiders are relatively small and have evenly colored legs that do not contain any visible markings. However, some variations of the Recluse Spider can have a violin-shaped marking.

A brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa). Many other spiders are often misidentified as a brown recluse and killed (I don't condone killing a brown recluse and this one was released after the photoshoot). For those that don't know, this is one of two spiders in the southeast United States whose venom is something to be concerned about  The venom of a brown recluse is a hemotoxin, which means it destroys red blood cells. In some cases, it can cause necrosis (rotting) flesh and systemic infections. They are normally docile - so it is something to be respected but not afraid of.
Photographer: Timothy Dykes | Source: Unsplash

Recluse Spiders are mainly nocturnal, this means they will not become active until nighttime. Aside from their activities during the night, Recluse Spiders tend to hide in dark and moisture-rich spaces, this includes crawlspaces, woodpiles, and even underneath your house.

Bites from a Recluse Spider only tend to occur when the spider’s resting place is disturbed. Contrary to the Black Widow, the Recluse Spider’s bite is not lethal. However, it can lead to the death of surrounding tissue, open wounds, and serious infection.

If you believe your home may contain Recluse Spiders, it is best to call in the pest professionals. After all, interfering with their resting place could cause you and others around you serious injury.

Fire Ants

most dangerous pests in north carolina - fireant

Another common pest in North Carolina is the so-called fire ant. Contrary to the other pests on our list, the fire ant is remarkably aggressive. In other words, you do not necessarily have to threaten the ant’s resting place to be attacked by them.

Fire ant bites can be remarkably painful and sore. The pustules from fire ant bites can also get infected, and this can happen in humans as well as pets. Bites from the fire ant can be treated with some home remedies, but this does not mean they aren’t uncomfortable.

To avoid painful fire ant bites, it is best to contact apex pest control service if you are dealing with an infestation. For more information, or to get a pest control service to remove a pest from this overview, please contact Apex Pest Control.