Target Attackers Target You

A customer swipes his credit card to pay for a television doorbuster deal at a Target store in Burbank, Calif., on Nov. 22, 2012.

Massive Target credit card breach new step in security war with hackers: experts – (blog)

Here is a terrifying thought; We often do not think about how our finances are protected when we shop in a store. The fear that is always discussed is online fraud and credit card fraud online, but we never think that when we are in our stores that our credit cards may have been breached. That’s what happened to a national chain that we all know about. The Target credit card breach has rocked the shopping world and so close to christmas.

Hackers Manage to Breach Security

Hackers managed to break through and compromise the security of the Target Point Of Sales System meaning that as shoppers were buying from the stores, their credit card information and details could have been sent to the hackers via the mains computer terminals running the sales system. The breach meant that hackers could have managed to infiltrate and get track data from the time that each card is swiped. This is all a potential criminal would need to manufacture counterfit credit cards.

This Target Credit Card Breach Was Like An Old Fashioned Heist.

Not only was the digital heist huge — up to 40 million consumers might have had their data stolen — but the degree of difficulty indicates another step in the security arms race between criminals and merchants.

The hack affected customers who shopped at U.S. Target retail stores between Black Friday, Nov. 27, and Dec. 15, security researcher Brian Krebs first reported on his blog on Wednesday. That report was confirmed by Target in an official statement on Thursday.

“I don’t know how they did it,” James Wester, research director of IDC Financial Insights, told NBC News. Normally, hackers attack databases where credit card information is stored, which is where most companies put their security resources. Those types of attacks, Wester said, are difficult enough.

Massive Target credit card breach new step in security war with hackers: experts – (blog)
Target claims that over 40 million customers may have been breached in this latest attack on consumers. The worst thing is that it happened in the middle of the shopping holiday season when customers are at the height of spending and little or no thought actually goes into the security of things. Consider this, how many times will you walk into a store and think “I wonder if its safe to use my credit card,” this is something that we almost take for granted until a situation like this awakens you to the very real dangers.