Gay Days – A Straight Girl in A Gay World In Orlando

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A Gay Orlando Day

This past week I dove deep into the magical world of the Gays.  Gay Days kicked off at the Double Tree Orlando and I just had to see what all the fuss was about.  Now I know what you’re thinking; what is this single straight girl in the city doing at an LGBT event?  Why research of course!  I am a firm believer in love of all shapes and forms and I know a good party when I see one.

My first stop was at the Girls in Wonderland Party hosted by the Sheraton.  This was a pool party like I’d never seen.  DJ Pat Pat was spinning a hot Top 40 dance mix, side by side swimming pools, fountains, body painting and a bar at every corner.   What was even more amazing is the energy at this party.  No one was bearing judgment or animosity towards another.   There was a true sense of camaraderie and acceptance that is often lacking in the female world.   The freedom to be who you are and to be surrounded by others who understand your personal struggle is a powerful thing.  Even after I had to let a few wonderful ladies down gently by admitting that I was not a lesbian they still accepted me into their fantastic world of free spirited fun.

Gay Issues – Not Here at Gay Days Orlando!

There is a stigma out there in reference to the LGBT community that their love lives are just one sexual conquest after another.  That they would in some way tarnish the sanctity of marriage.  Well, while I mingled amongst a sea of women I came across Myra; a woman in her late 50’s who told me about her lover of twelve years.  I could see the pain in her eyes as she explained that they had recently separated and what a struggle it was for her to move on and start over yet again.  Considering that approximately 57 percent of all marriages last at least 15 years and the going motto these days is “when the tough get going you go and get a divorce lawyer”; I think that a 12 year relationship is pretty impressive.

Everyone should have a Gay Best Friend – Especially For Gay Days!

It is my firm belief that every single woman should have at least one gay best friend.  Not only will they go shopping with you but they aren’t afraid to tell you that those jeans do make your butt look big.  But that you’re FABULOUS anyway.  My gay’s name is Fernando.  He’s a fantastically funny, overly inappropriate, intelligent, ruggedly attractive man with attitude to spare.   Just ask him, he’ll tell you!  I’d follow him anywhere.  In fact I did.  He and his adorable husband Heath exposed me to the guy side of gay days.  From twinks, to bears, and everything in between I saw it all.  It was a fantasy land of man parts.  I’ve never seen so many attractive men in speedo’s together in one place since the 2012 summer Olympics.  Again the energy was high and everyone was so accepting of one another. You couldn’t help but feel the love.   Tonya, who considers herself a self-proclaimed gay mascot said this was her third year going to GAY DAYS with her Ex-husband and his new boyfriend.  Now that’s true acceptance.

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While I floated and mingled amongst the gays I couldn’t stop noticing the true acceptance and love that everyone possessed.  It is amazing to me how when we truly accept ourselves and each other how much easier life can be.  We could all take notes from the LGBT community and instead of focusing on our differences focus on our similarities.  We are all human and we all are searching for love in one form or another.

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