Still Here – Our Near Death Experiences

Spirited Adventures Authored by Fred and Liz Welling

Fred Welling was in his late 20s and living in Shirley, Southampton U.K. when his first wife Doreen, needed major surgery. Fred signed the papers authorising it, as the alternative was death.

Unfortunately, Doreen died on the operating table and for many decades, Fred felt as though he was responsible for her death because he signed the consent forms.

Even though Fred had been born into a spiritually aware family, during his grieving he demanded that “God prove and let him know if there really was life beyond death.”

He spoke to a Minister of the Methodist Church where he had been a young choir boy. He asked if the Minister KNEW that there was life beyond the physical but the response was: “Just believe. Have faith and just believe.” Naturally that did not satisfy Fred’s inquiring mind.

He visited a Spiritualist Church seeking answers. One afternoon, a medium on the platform was an old lady who was almost blind. She could not have seen Fred, who sat at the back of the church. But she singled him out and gave incredible details of the relationship between him and Doreen – information that was known only to Fred. She also emphasised that Doreen did not hold him responsible for her death. It was her time to leave the physical world.

Direct Proof of Life Beyond the Physical Realm

Fred remarried (another Doreen) who had a 4 year old daughter named Patricia, whom Fred adopted. Doreen and Fred were also blessed with a daughter, Barbara, and the family migrated to Australia in 1969.

They lived in Sydney, New South Wales before moving to a home in Hope Valley, Adelaide, South Australia. It was not long before he found a Spiritualist Church in the northern suburb of Elizabeth.

Some years later, the family had been enjoying a day at the beach. Whilst driving home, Fred started to feel dizzy and unwell. He opened the car door and was able to enter the house but the next thing he knew, he was lying on the kitchen floor.

Fred intended to go to bed but part way down the passage way, the floor came up to meet him. He had passed out and found himself in a tunnel. Two Beings of Light were at the end of the tunnel and informed Fred that it was “not his time" and that "he had to return.”

The love was so incredible and unconditional that Fred fell to his knees, pleading with them to stay but they insisted that his family still needed him in the physical world and he was sent back.

He awoke in the passageway, went to bed and slept for 12 hours – something he had never done before nor since.

The next day, Fred remembered his demand to God that he be given proof of life beyond the physical realm. In a dramatic way, God had answered his demand and Fred was very grateful that he was able to drive safely home before having the experience.

Liz Welling had a Near Death Experience (NDE) about 35 years ago and her experience was the well-known and hugely documented tunnel of white light that is mentioned by others when they recall their experiences.

As she floated along the tunnel, Liz telepathically heard the voices of her parents’ friends and then two Beings of Light, who clairaudiently said: “Your children are too young. You must go back.”

She awoke in intense pain. Her young children phoned a doctor who came to the home and injected her with pethidine.

When Liz Met Fred

Liz met Fred in 1987 when he and a friend came to the library. They inquired about the possibility of doing a display on crystals for his friend’s son who was completing a Duke of Edinburgh award.

Liz was chief librarian at that stage and the library had just been extended, so she was delighted to have an instant display that could tie in with the books that the library already had on crystals.

They did not go out until 1992 but Liz had seen Fred around Adelaide in various meditation groups.

She had just started giving talks in spiritualist churches and asked Fred if he would be the medium.  In this way they worked as a team and continue their wonderful work to this day. Fred and Liz married in October 1995 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Maleny hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Fly Like an Eagle

In July 2016, Fred and Liz attended a retreat led by Gay Robinson and Lyn Edwards at The White Eagle Lodge, Maleny, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. Maleny is situated on the southern edge of the Blackall Range with spectacular views across to the Sunshine Coast and Glass House Mountains.

Each day at the retreat there was an hour’s 'cellular meditation' starting at 8.00am, followed by breakfast, a talk and another one-hour meditation.

During the meditations, the eleven retreat participants (two men and nine women) were encouraged to enter the stillness – the silence. The format of the meditation was as follows:

~ A short piece of quiet music was played

~ The leader usually guided the meditators into a pool of healing and up a mountain to enter the higher realms of spirit – of consciousness – and then into the silence where it is possible to hear the word of God – known also as the creative word of life – the Word of the Divine Spirit

~ In the silence, it is possible to hear the celestial music of the spheres

~ The return to everyday awareness was via another piece of quiet music

Be Careful What You Wish For

During the retreat, Liz had three incredible experiences.

1. Wednesday 5 July 2016 – Meditation led by Gay

The format was a short track of quiet music, a guided journey to the higher realms of light, silence, quiet music and return to everyday awareness. There was no debriefing but we were instructed to return silently to our rooms and not to speak for an hour until lunch time.

Following Gay’s initial guidance, Liz saw wild flowers in her meditation, including daffodils, primroses and snow drops. For some reason, she found it hard to enter the Pool of Healing. The pool was pink with floating pink lotus flowers.

They were asked to look for elementals (nature spirits) and she saw a tiny round light which is the sylph or zephyr elemental of air. Struggling to follow the meditation, Liz decided to use the Eagle from her previous day’s meditation and followed the Eagle into the higher realms.

Then, a spinning vortex/tunnel of beautiful purple/pink amethyst energy formed. A spirit being manifested at the end of it and she heard an inner voice telepathically ask: “Do you want to come?” Very quiet, yet powerful and loving.

Instantly, she replied: “Not without Fred” and the Being of Light and the amethyst tunnel vanished.

Intense sharp pain immediately hit her upper transverse colon and she had to move away from the group to sit on some carpeted stairs. Liz writhed in agony until the meditation time finished.

The stabbing pain continued. She tried to use the Golden Light of The Christ Consciousness – the Golden One – for healing but still the pain intensified. Tears of pain streamed down her face.

At the end of the meditation and final music track, Liz tried to stand up to return to her room, but bent over double in pain. Gay realised something was wrong and asked what happened.

“I have to tell Fred first,” Liz replied. The three of them went back to the bedroom leaving the other nine members of the group wondering what had taken place.

Liz dissolved into more tears. She was upset because she had not mentioned to the Being of Light that her daughter Tanya may still need her as she was due for major surgery when they returned from Maleny. (Fred later told Liz that from his experience of an NDE, family is not even on your mind.)

Throughout the whole experience, everything had been so natural and matter of fact.

“Do you want to come?”

“Not without Fred.”

In retrospect, it was an opportunity to leave her physical body behind and make the transition to the next stage of life beyond physical death.

Her reply ‘Not without Fred’ was very interesting, as the previous day, Fred had shared with several of the women that “he had a contract with God that Liz and he would die at the same time.”

One of the women asked Liz what she thought about it. Liz merely shrugged and the woman responded, “You don’t seem to be a part of it.” Liz answered that “she was not sure if God had accepted Fred’s contract”.

Fred was quite relieved with Liz’s answer as he did not want to be left on his own if she died first, so it may be that Fred will die first or they will indeed go together. Who knows? Yet to be revealed.

"I am your Overlighting Angel"

2. Thursday 6 July 2016 – Meditation led by Lyn

They lay on the floor in the Temple rugged up in warm dynes, practicing a daily exercise known as 'Cellular Alchemy'. This is an hour-long process in which Golden Light is brought into every part of the body including all the cells, nerves, tissues, blood, veins, arteries and organs.

Part way through the practice, Liz felt a magenta/purple feathery presence above her and an inner voice – again telepathic – said: “I am your Overlighting Angel.”

Her response was simply: “Oh, are you?”

This Overlighting Angel felt very comforting and protective.

Retreat participants were not permitted to use telephones or the internet whilst on retreat but after this meditation, Liz was very naughty and sent a text message to a friend in the Clare Prophet Summit Lighthouse movement. She asked if he knew about the Overlighting Angel.

His reply was “No” but he Googled it and confirmed that it was a very protective energy. Still curious, Liz did some research once she returned home and found that the Devas or Overlighting Angels are part of Theosophy. They ”interface" with the human soul while in form and are responsible for the life vitality of the human form.

The Archangels are also referred to as the Overlighting Angels, since their function is to overlight or watch over and direct groups of angels, as well as all aspects of humanity.*

The four Archangels we are most familiar with are Gabriel, Michael, (deep blue colour) Raphael, and Uriel.**

Whatever name is given to these beautiful beings, it is obvious that Liz was very close to physical death.

3. Thursday 6 July 2016 – Meditation Gay led by Gay

The group was taken to The Lake of Peace and 'magically' crossed it in a small canoe with their Guide and Guardian Angel. They were instructed to climb the mountain to a plateau where they would meet souls they had known who were gathering to perform an ancient ritual to bring in the Dawn and gather rays from the Solar Logos – the Golden One – to bless earth and all humanity.

Liz met several family members and Fred’s previous mother-in-law.

Again, for the second time, a voice asked: “Do you want to come?”

No beautiful amethyst tunnel this time but the same calm voice asking: “Do you want to come?”

“No thank you.”

A second opportunity to exit the physical body and make the transition to the worlds of spirit. Again, all very natural and matter of fact.

Before lunch that day, Liz was looking at the trees that led down to the valley and they were all different – more vibrant and more alive. She was actually seeing the etheric part of the trees and leaves. It was like entering a fairy world.

Before these experiences, although cold, Liz had felt OK. But when she looked in the mirror, she commented to Fred that one of her eyes was only partly open and that both eyes looked full of pain.

When she had partly processed the experience, she shared it with the other retreat group members. They were very supportive and one of them commented: “What a pity you did not actually go over and then change your mind and come back and tell us about it.”

Liz replied that there was an inner knowing that if she had accepted the invitation to depart, there was no return ticket included. “Make or break.”

“It was a timely experience, as I had been in so much pain at home before we left Adelaide. And in an outburst, I said: “I have had enough. I wish I were dead. I want it all to end.”

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for. It might just come true.

However, there is still a little more. When they returned home, Fred said:

“I was doing an hour-long meditation at a retreat in Maleny when I suddenly had a vision of a garden of flowers of many colours not seen on earth. I knew that if I entered this garden, I would not return to earth. I did not wish to leave my wife Elizabeth so I did not enter the garden.”

So Fred and Liz, at the time of submitting this article, are “Still Here”.

Liz, Fred & daughter Tanya

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NDE Postscript

Roar of Death – Maleny 2001

It was the Sunday after 9/11 and Fred and Liz were attending a service at the White Eagle Lodge, Maleny Queensland. Ivan Cooke, the Grandson of Grace Cooke (who channeled White Eagle) was present and had just led a beautiful Opening Prayer.

Suddenly there was an almighty roar and Fred collapsed forward in his chair.

The next thing he remembers was sitting in the chair, which had been carried with him in it, to the kitchen. He was surrounded by several concerned women and a bucket of water that had been collected from his body.

People in The Temple were commenting that it was a “heart attack”.

Hoping that Fred could hear at some level, Liz assured them that his heart was strong and healthy, as it had been checked before they left Adelaide.

He was taken by ambulance to the Maleny Hospital where he was given a heart check and his records from Adelaide were sent to the hospital.

The Doctor diagnosed “dehydration” and explained that the almighty roar was the sound made by some people at the actual moment of death.

He said Fred had come as close to death as possible without actually dying.

The roar sound was very different from the death rattle Fred was familiar with from hospice work.

He commented that this time, there was no welcoming Tunnel or Beings of Light.

Liz & Fred Welling

Authored by Fred and Liz Welling, Adelaide, South Australia