September 11th – The Dawn of A new Era

September 11 – Never Forgotten and We Always Remember

american flag - sept 11

Today is an auspicious day, and on this same day 2002, the gravest act of terrorism happened on US soil when evil struck the heart of America. This is a day which will always be remembered as we lost brothers and sisters, and families lost loved ones. It is not for me to go into the events of the day for that terrible time is indelible on the hearts of not only the American people, but upon the world.

The pain of losing our loved ones and comrades will for ever be felt in our hearts and the grief not only exists within a family member but is struck at the heart of a nation. It is often hard to see blessings in something so heinous but there are blessings and America has risen – stronger and forthright, resolute in protecting the world against the tyranny of Terrorism, which we face yet again. September 11 taught us many lessons and on September 12, the US was reborn – dedicated to uphold the constitution and to protect our people and our nation.

We will never forget those who have gone before us and those who passed over in service of others on that day. Perhaps our greatest weapon is prayer – pray for those lost, pray for those who were misguided and pray for peaceful resolution to all of the worlds conflicts. September 11 should now be a day marked upon the calendar, not only for remembrance of our loved ones, but for the world to join in powerful prayer to create a divine wave of peace, that our wave of peace consumes every form of conflict, ignorance and destruction. Our day should be a powerful day of mass consciousness of prayer to influence and transmute negativity to positivity, and upon that wave of peace is filled with unmeasurable roses – given to remember our lost souls.