Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

Remember the first time you had a mobile phone and how big and cumbersome it was, or how dangerous those arials were. Think about it, not so long ago we used clunky, phones that were the sizes of concrete blocks and the only thing you could do with them was to make a call. Leap forward to our present time and your smart phone is part of your life. It helps you keep track of everything from your business to what you eat and your fitness regines. You can watch movies, surf the internet and text your loved ones on the other side of the world – even speak face to face with the built in Camera functions. How time flies and how thirsty we have become for more technology. 

Samsung is one company at the forefront of all the technology we thirst for and they are holding the Juice, the water and everything else to quench that thirst. Now they have given the date for the next iteration of their famed Samsung Galaxy note 4 – Its a computer that fits in your hand – does more than you can immagine and makes calls. 

The information comes from the same folks who nailed the September 4 launch date in 2013, the report states in order to back up the claim.

Invites to the latest Samsung Unpacked event are expected to go out in mid-August.

 Credits: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for pre-IFA launch on September 3? – TechRadar UK

Wondering how that new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Look?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for pre-IFA launch on September 3? Credits: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for pre-IFA launch on September 3? – TechRadar UK

On first Glance it looks as if there is a new fluid design with a larger screen topping nearly 6 inches, and that’s bigger than its predecessors. But what could really top things off is the quality of the camera. If you loved the Galaxy Note Camera before – with its high hd resolution and crisp sharp colors, then be amazed at what is planned with a new 20 megapixel sensor for even better images, but who knows if that will hapen. There is also talk of increased ram and that means more power. 

Set the date and keep informed as we bring you more news on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumours and the release date.