Real Deal Sex Appeal

It’s the Law of Attraction: Your cheeks flush, pupils dilate and suddenly your breathing starts to become shallow and seductive. Your eyes meet and without even saying a word an impromptu come hither glance beckons you to lean in a little closer. There are so many dimensions of attraction: Emotional, Physical, Scientific, and Subliminal influences that create our ideal sex appeal.
While some men may still act like they are living in the dark ages; our basic instincts as women are quite primitive also. A combination of science and evolution dictates what we consider a desirable male. In fact there are 5 basic elements of attractiveness that are the same for every one regardless of race, gender, or culture.
Smell, Symmetry of the Face, Voice tone, Financial Stability, and Kissing.
Now what if you are lacking in one or all of these elements? Fear not! Even some of the most attractive people don’t have perfect symmetry. I know it’s hard to believe, but even Brad Pitt has flaws. Smell is something that can be corrected with the right perfume or cologne as long as you don’t drowned yourself in it. And kissing…..well that’s an art in itself. There is a lot of power in the pucker up. A ten second kiss a day can alleviate depression and keep you feeling fine. The lips have so many nerves that they are considered one of the erogenous zones; and out of 100 women polled 66% confessed that they would ditch a dude for providing them with bad lip service during the first kiss. Talk about being pressured to perform, gents.

kiss lips
There are other ways to increase your sex appeal x 10. No, I’m not talking about a little nip and tuck. In fact you won’t have to change your physical appearance at all. All you have to do is focus on your fierceness and love yourself. In fact you already have it; that ‘Je ne sais qua that separates you from the masses. You are the best version of yourself. No one does you better and with more style and conviction than you can.

Confidence1-300x194Confidence is the key, and if you don’t yet embody the confidence that you need my secret to success is to FAKE it till you MAKE it. You must understand your personal worth and really appreciate the value that you give to the world. Know that you deserve happiness and the love that you want and that will translate to others. Eventually you start to notice that you no longer have to fake being confident and desirable. You will just BE.

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Much Love, LM