How To Plan A Romantic Date Night

date night Lea-Marie Signature Events

Romantic Date Night Lea-Marie Signature Events


I know what you’re thinking; who has the time to plan anything these days let alone a romantic date night.  With the chaos of everyday life it is important now more than ever to keep the LOVE alive.  Even with a career, family, and everyday obstacles, it is possible to squeeze a little romance into that tight schedule of yours.  Here are a few ideas to help get your date night ideas flowing in the right direction.


Romantic Date Night Ideas:

Recreate their favorite romantic movie scene: If you know your partner well then picking a love scene should be a piece of cake.  But if you’re feeling stumped already almost any popular romantic love scene can do the trick.  Remember Thought + the right amount of effort = making sparks fly every time.  Take the movie “The Notebook” for example.  Do NOT climb and hang from a ferris wheel to get your ladies attention!  Gestures don’t have to be dangerous to be effective.  The scene where they take a moonlit walk and he asks her to dance with him beneath the stars and hums a familiar song to her as they sway beneath the moon light will definitely do the trick.  Ladies, your man may not have a favorite romantic scene but that doesn’t mean you can‘t get a little creative with one of his favorite blockbusters.  Recreate it in a fun and flirtatious way and he will feel like he’s the hero in this sexy scenario.

First Date Replay:  The first date is a quintessential part of the relationship process.  Once the honeymoon phase is over and life starts to get in the way going back to where it all began can give you a sense of comfort.  Your first date night could have been very romantic with candle light and a string quartet lightly playing in the background or it could have been fun and playful.  It could have been a total disaster where everything seemed to go wrong but you both couldn’t help but laugh because it was just so you.  Take those memories and the excitement of a newly developing relationship and relive them all over again.  Play pretend with your lover as if it is your first date all over again.  Everything is new and exciting and you just can’t wait to see where the night leads.

D.I.Y Date Idea

D.I.Y Date Night Idea: Triathlon of Love.  Here is a simple yet unique romantic date night idea you can try.  If you are a couple who loves a little friendly….or flirty competition then this date is perfect for you.  I call it the  Triathlon of LOVE!  You will need a jar a few pieces of paper and a pen.  Remember to be a creative and playful as you can when coming up with these flirtatious feats. Together you will choose three different challenges and playfully compete against each other for a predetermined romantic prize for the winner.

Triathlon of Love Lea-Marie Signature Events

Triathlon of Love DIY Date idea Lea-Marie Signature Events

Event Suggestions:

  • Who can eat an ice cream Sunday the fastest (beware of brain freeze)
  • Bike Race
  • Board game blitz
  • Putt putt golf challenge
  • Water relay
  • Highest house of cards


Anything and everything can be turned into an event.  The idea is to have fun and ignite the love spark with a little friendly completion.  As long as you enjoy the time you are spending with each other than you can’t go wrong.

If you have any questions or need some advice in love or relationships?  Do you have a unique date idea or story you’d like to share?  You can hit me up via email at


Much Love – LM