Phishing Email Scams

Phishing email scams are all the rage

keep an eye on email scamHave any of you noticed that you are receiving more and more email phishing scams and some of them look so professional. Unfortunately these email scams are becoming more and more prevalent and some unfortunate souls have unwittingly fallen right into the trap set by these unscrupulous fraudsters. An example of the recent email scam flying around around the ether is quite threatening and you would think that no one in their right mind would fall into the trap, but they do. Have a look at this below;

Pretrial notice,

Hereby we inform that you are obliged to come as a defendant
to The Court of Atlanta in February 19, 2014 at 09:00 a.m.
for the hearing of your case of illegal software use.
If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection.
You are kindly asked to have an identity document with you.
Personal appearance is compulsory.

Please find the plaint note with more detailed case information
attached to this letter and study it thoroughly.

Court clerk,
Betty Mason

You will see this looks pretty scary and someone who does not know anything about these phishing email scams, could easily fall into the trap and not enough scam alerts are sent out to warn people about what is going on. Perhaps there should be a service with every email provider that monitors and sends out alerts daily, but that could be very expensive and would cause more expense for the end user. So what do we do?

Scam Alerts – Phishing Email Scam Education

The best weapon that we have in our arsenal is education, because the more we become educated in the ‘modus operandi’ of these unscrupulous individuals, the easier we will be able to protect ourselves. There is one common denominator that always factors into these email scams and that is the quest for the scammer to force you – by fear into giving up your personal information and almost all scam emails have a zip file with a false document that you should open. Never open them, as they normally contain a virus that will destroy your computer or activate and send all your personal information to the scammers.  When you receive an email that is suspicious like the one above, then delete immediately and delete further from your trash. Alert all of your email contacts and use the power of social media to alert others to what you have found. Let’s face it, if a video or funny image can go viral, then so can information to help protect us all against these evil people.


Delete the scam email – D

Eradicate the email from your Trash – E

Create and Alert – A

Tell every one and post on social media – T

Help everyone and yourself – H

Death to Email Phishing

If you follow our little mnemonic, you will help to protect yourself and help educate others about the cancer spreading through the ether. Carry out your own scam email reporting practice.

Have you been a victim of phishing email scams? We want to hear about your scams and your stories. Share them here and we may publish your story to help alert people. The best proven story will win a free gift.