Oscar’s Return


A heartwarming tale about family, pets and the soul's continuing existence.

I know Lisa and I are always posting photos of our dogs. It's because they're our babies like your children are yours, and we make no apologies for that. Dogs and most animals have always been a special part of my life. I can't really point out why, but I'd guess that they like me with all my faults, which is just as well.

As I've become more familiar with the Spirit World and the way it seems to work, I've seen the way in which consciousness is in all things, and that love is the motivation for everything we do, and it's the reason that one soul connects to another, to share a bond with each other that transcends blood, race and species.

The reason I share this, is that when Oscar passed away on 21st Jan 2019, in effect, his body could no longer support him and we brought him home to be with those who loved him. That was the hardest day of our lives and we both cried many tears.

"He's arrived safely, we've got him"

The soul of the dog we knew as Oscar, however, was still very much alive and would shortly make his presence known to us. That afternoon I saw him run up the road ahead of us, using my spooky vision but I still wanted confirmation that he was now OK.

On the following Wednesday, just two days later, we were asleep and I was awoken in the night by voices coming from downstairs. But there was no-one downstairs. I fell asleep again and was awoken a short time later. The voices were back. I couldn't hear them clearly but they were unmistakable.

Again, I fell asleep. Then, in my dreaming state, I was shown a number plate. It had the word ROOOO on it. Then I heard a clear, female voice say, "It's OK, he's safely arrived, we've got him."

The next morning, I asked my dad what my nan (dad's mum who'd long since passed), used to call me and he replied, "Roo."

That was his second attempt to show me he was OK.

On Good Friday I went to a spiritual event. On the way home, my wife Lisa called to say a breeder who's a friend, had a Labrador pup that had become re-available and were we interested?

Our head said no, our heart said yes. What should we do? Go and visit the next day, of course. Well, if you know us at all, you'll know we love our dogs to bits.

On the way home I started thinking of possible names and when I got home, Lisa had been doing the same. We went to visit this pup and after no thought whatsoever, Ted had joined our family.

Oscar's Return

On Easter Monday, I was at the mediumship development group. I asked for one of the ladies to work with me and bring a message through from a loved one of mine.

My grandad came through and started to relay information through the medium. He showed her a blonde Labrador puppy but I couldn't understand her information. Then she stopped talking and said the dog she was being shown by using her clairvoyance (seen within her mind but influenced by the spirit world), was changing colour.

I asked if the dog in the image was turning brown and she replied it was, and that my grandfather said that they were "sending him back to us" which I took to mean that the soul we knew as Oscar was returning, in the form of the puppy we called Ted.

Out of curiosity, I asked the breeder what date Ted's mum went to be mated. She said it was around about the 24th of Jan 2019, just 3 days after Oscar passed. Now, it's important to remember that we had told NOBODY about where we'd been or what we planned – nothing at all to anyone.

As the months have passed, we have seen in Ted many of the traits that Oscar had, and he even bears physical similarities to him. He's an affectionate and loving soul, and he does make us smile.

An Unbreakable Bond

I'm sure a skeptic would come up with a reason why this can't be true, or it's wishful thinking on my part, but the soul lives on, whether it's human or animal. The love that binds you is unbreakable.

When you lose someone you love (Oscar was a someone), the grief that you feel will subside in time, the memories remain in your heart and you end up smiling more than crying.

The point is, we're not as divided as we think we are. Animal or human is still soul meeting soul, your joint existence is enhancing each other, making you a greater version of the soul that you are.

The real you, is the bit you can't see, the bit that carries on.

We're immortal souls, eternal in our existence but temporary in our physical presence.

Together, Oscar, my nan and my grandad helped to show me that life, ALL life, goes on.

I give thanks to all of our Spirit Friends and Family, for all you do to help us.