Online Energy Healing Course is Launched by Healing Author

Online Healing Course Makes it affordable to Learn Energy Healing

Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing & Intuitive Development has just launched its one year home study Practitioners online healing course. This online healing course can completed from the comfort of your own home through receiving monthly lessons which include handouts and video tutorials. Everyone has busy schedules says Joanne, who is the founder of chakra medicine and an international author in her own right, and many people find it difficult to arrange time off or to travel to certain locations because of family commitments and so on and so Joanne decided to tailor a way where she could make energy healing study more easily assessable as well as affordable to those people who really want to do it but have had trouble starting.

Its an Online Healing Course

The one year online energy healing and intuitive development practitioner’s course has been uniquely and intuitively designed for the student so that they can develop their healing abilities in a safe and professional manner. A sample of subjects covered on the one year course include issues such as the importance of grounding, both spiritually and physically, the importance of energetic protection, without energetic protection symptoms such as major fatigue, irritability and headaches are experienced and so the student will learn how to shield themselves from negative energies, learn how to discern different kinds of energies, and then learn the process of clearing negative energies from their spiritual anatomy (their aura and chakras.)

The one year home study energy healing course will also show the student how to scan energy, how to read energy intuitively, and the best meditations to use to help them develop their insight. The student will also learn how to balance their chakras and clear their aura of any stagnant energy and of any aura mucus that contaminates their energy field. When the energy field is contaminated with low vibrations and other energetic interferences then the whole aura frequency is affected and a person has difficulty attracting their dreams and desires into the life. A low vibrational frequency that is consistent in a person’s life will also affect the health and well-being of the physical body. The immune system will weaken and the body’s defenses become compromised. Energy medicine is a form of preventive medicine and the student will learn helpful healing tips and suggestions to be able to take charge of their own energies and look after their energies to help them empower their health and well-being.

Throughout the one year home study energy healing course the student will go through a process of self-healing work to help them prepare them for when they are ready to work on their own clientele. The student will learn all about healing ethics, healing laws, and how to perform a hands-on healing treatment for themselves and their clients. They will also be shown how to send healing energy out to others, also known as distance or absent healing. Chakra Medicine workshops are board approved and offers CE Credits for those who need them.

The course itself is taught by Joanne Brocas an award winning and bestselling author with over two decades of experience in energy healing and intuitive development. Joanne is excited to bring the one year home study energy healing course to many people whose desire is to spiritually grow and transform their lives and then to help empower the lives of many others. The one year home study healing course will leave the student with a competent level of development in energy healing and intuitive development so that they can continue on with their own healing journeys and life path in their own time.

An Online Healing Course That is Finally Affordable

Joanne has created a wonderful one year practitioners course that is currently half price at only $600 which can be payable at $50 a month for a period of 12 months. This has invoked the interest of many people already as it’s very affordable and accessible. The offer is only a limited temporary offer which will be increasing to $1200 shortly, again this is still a very reasonable offer in comparison to many other healing courses that are offered in today’s market. To book your place on this one year home study energy healing and intuitive development practitioner’s course you can contact Joanne today by visiting