One dead, dozens missing after South Korean vessel sinks off Russian coast

Yellow Ruffles – Katrina Relief Auction Offering
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Image by cobalt123
First time I could capture the strong light through the yellow ruffles of this flower and not have it too fuzzy. Been taking hundreds of photos of this type of plant for 9 months now, and finally, some success. I looked for the brightest, most cheerful version to share on flickr today, for the news and situation in our US Gulf states is so devastating and depressing.

This photo and any other photos I have in my photostream are offered in a CD suitable for use as a screensaver to the highest bidder in the Katrina Relief Auction. For details, look at the topic within that thread. It is my hope that someone will appreciate a simple CD filled with images of light and beauty to color a world often overshadowed in dark times.

Today it has reached page 3 of the "Interestingness" feature in the Explore pages. Hopefully people can follow the links provided with this image to see the 300+ artworks that are being offered for bidding completely going 100% to the American Red Cross. There is over ,500 pledged so far at this point in time, Sept. 2. Let’s keep it going!

MOSCOW/SEOUL (Reuters) – One person was killed and the fate of more than 50 others was unknown after a South Korean fishing vessel sank in the Bering Sea off the coast of Russia’s far eastern Chukotka region officials said on Monday.

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