Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing ℠ is a very accurate system for analyzing the body for organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies. It works by using specific reflexes as an indicator while contacting organ acupuncture points on the surface of the body. The reflex response relates to the state of health and flow of energy for the organ that is being tested. If there is a stressor such as a toxicity, immune issue, food sensitivity, or nutritional deficiency affecting an organ. The neurological reflex for that organ will be weak.

Nutritional Response Testing Studies

NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) is a study of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each and every organ.  Since human anatomy has not changed significantly in thousands of years. The utilization of these reflexes and specific points has become extremely useful in our practice because they are so accurate.

Each NRT reflex represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, and indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy is having on the body.  By testing these reflexes; we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit that helps us identify what your needs and how well we are meeting those needs.  

Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology (AK), which is also know as muscle strength testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, and chemicals. These receptor points innervate, neuro-lympahtic, neuro-vascular, neuro-muscular and cranial receptors.

There are stimulant points on the body to increase or decrease the stimulus going to a specific muscle, organ , vascular, or lymphatic. These points can increase or decrease the stimulus depending on which one you use. We can also use Acupuncture points to increase or decrease the strength of an organ – as well a removing channel blocks. The art of Acupuncture points uses meridians that are energy fields that may be blocked. This means the electrical energy has to travel a further distance to get from point A to B thereby losing electrical potential. When stimulating an acupuncture point to innervate a meridian, you are removing the blocks and the meridian channel receives its greatest stimulatory response .

Nutrition Response Testing and Muscle Response

Nutrition Response Testing then uses muscle testing to determine what nutritional supplements you may need. If the muscle gets weak while testing muscle strength holding the product close to your chest, it means the product is not good for you. If it tests strong, then the product is the correct one. The Nutrition Response Practitioner will also work on correcting your diet and and healthier exercise regime.

The only problem with this method when testing a product, the practitioner has to be totally bias to the product or else you will be given a false response. You can have no perceived ideas on what product the client needs or what physical health problem they are having . This makes it more difficult to have accurate findings consistently.