Murder Hornets Are Here and They Kill For Fun

As if we did not have enough to deal with, we now have to consider a new invasive species. They’re big, and they Kill; well they kill honey bees, but if you go and poke around a hornet’s nest, these giant hornets can kill you with multiple stings.

murder hornets
Giant Murder Hornet Entering a Bees Hive

This Giant Hornet has aptly been named the ‘murder hornet’ because of the decapitation technique it uses to decimate a honey bees nest. Officially called the Asian giant hornet, or Vespa Mandarinia, these Giant Flying Monsters have been spotted in the US for the first time, appearing in Washington state, and have course have the capacity for further Invasion according to the state's Department of Agriculture.

Murder Hornet Statistics

Here’s some interesting information on the murder hornet;

  • Kill’s over 50 people each year in Asia
  • Over 2 Inches Long
  • Targets Bee Hives
  • Can Kill Humans
  • Decapitates the head of honey bees and takes over the nest
  • They Can Fly over 20 miles per hour
  • They have a very large stinger than contains a neurotoxin capable of causing both cardiac arrest and anaphylactic shock

Scientists At Washington State Warnings

Scientists at the Department of Agriculture in Washington have a stern warning for people asking them to call immediately on sightings of these murderous creatures.

"If you get into them, run away, then call us! It is really important for us to know of every sighting if we're going to have any hope of eradication."

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

Giant Hornet Warning

Trapping Giant Murder Hornets

According to WSDA, the Hornets were first spotted last December. They stated that Since the first report of Asian giant hornets in Washington, they have begun an extensive Pest Program doing extensive research and planning to find and, if possible, eradicate Asian giant hornets from Washington this summer to prevent them from spreading into other states, which could happen quite easily due to the moderate climates and conditions. North Carolina is one such state that does offer the right conditions and many Apiaries exist in this state, thus the attraction is high.

Pest Control

It is important that if you see any of these Hornet’s that you do not attempt to deal with them on your own and even though they seem contained in Washington State, it is highly probable they will travel unless full eradication of this invasive species is affected. Call Apex Pest Control immediately if you come into contact with these Murder Hornets in your area and we will follow all recommended guidelines.