Life Coach in Maitland Helps you change with 3 top tips!

Life Coach in Maitland Helps you change with 3 top tips!

First off for those of you who do not know me yet, my name is Lew Bronstein and I am a certified Life Coach.  Most people are not totally familiar with what a Life Coach does.  A Life Coach guides you through a process of questions and evaluations so you can begin to understand what drives you to make decisions, behave in certain ways and helps you to understand how action or the lack there of impacts ALL aspects of your life!

Today I am going to share with you some basic coaching tips that will help you get started on living a life that you deserve!

Number one and maybe the most important thing you will learn today is…

Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it!

Simply put your perception of an event is your reality.  How you perceive what happens to you or is going on around you will determine how you feel about it as well as if you take action on it or not.  One thing will motivate one person and the same event may paralyze another.  This difference is the meaning you give it!  Let’s look at an example here.  Two people go to a sporting event and they are each a fan of the opposite teams.  The fan who supports the winning team may proclaim “what an awesome game!”  What do you think the fan of the losing team may proclaim? Maybe that was an awful game or worse yet they may find blame with the referees and actually feel personally jilted.  What is the difference?  The meaning each of them assigned to the same game!  Another fan in the audience may say that was a good game because each team played well no matter what team they support.  The difference here is simply the meaning each individual assigns to the event.

Internal-Dialogue can make or break you!

Your internal dialogue can make or break you.  What you say internally can affect your entire life.  If you think positive thoughts and always look for the best resolution to problems you will find that you have lower stress levels and tend to be more productive.  If you approach anything with the belief that you can accomplish it, you will have a much better chance than if you go in thinking ”well this probably won’t work anyways”.

Internal dialogue also directly affects self-image.  Do you feel good about who you are?  Do you have confidence in your decisions?   Do you feel like you are enough?  If you answered no to any of these questions, then it is time to adjust your internal dialogue!  Internal dialogue is simply the discussions that you have in your own head.  Another word for this is your systems of belief.  Your beliefs about anything filter your view of the person, situation or the world.

Changing your internal dialogue can change your feelings, your attitude and the entire direction of your life!


Lastly, understanding how other people process meaning and dialogue is key to having success in relationships, business and survival.

When you begin to understand what drives you in these areas you can control and focus your emotions and thoughts… but what about the rest of the world??

If you ask yourself when dealing with someone else the following  questions:

1)    What do they really mean by that?

2)    Why is that important to them?

3)    What beliefs do we have in common?

4)    How can I understand where they are coming from?

5)    What is it we both really want from the interaction?

Do you think it would be useful in business, personal relationships, family and any other area where personal interaction is necessary to be able to understand how meeting the needs of both parties can be accomplished by using the tools I have shared with you today?

This is where Life Coaching can help you to progress in all aspects life and gain a greater understanding of human interaction.

If you would like to know more about my coaching services please feel free to contact me at 321.765.3481 or visit

I would love to have the opportunity to be your coach and help you to achieve the life you deserve today!

Live your life with passion, energy, belief and always live your dreams!

Lew Bronstein


Lew Bronstein