Iraq Shi’ite Ashoura ritual escapes major attacks

For real?
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Quite a few people had gathered to watch, awe struck by the destruction before them. This is still a good 4 miles away from the depot – so you have some sense of how huge the flames are!

All were woken from their sleep at six in the morning – like I was. I live a good 12-15 miles away and the whole house shook, followed by a low deep rumble that lasted many seconds.

The two guys on the right have their heads down – checking the images they’d taken on their phones!

This is best seen larger

Story on BBC news

Check out more of my pictures of this terrible explosion here

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KERBALA Iraq (Reuters) – A gathering of millions of Shi’ite Muslims at shrines and mosques across Iraq for the Ashoura religious commemoration passed without any major attacks on Tuesday, under tight security imposed for fear of Islamic State bombers.

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