Investigators hope cockpit tape will explain Airbus crash

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Our amazing friend and client passed away just this past weekend. You can see her wedding photos here.

Today, we celebrate the life of one of the strongest people we’ve ever had in our lives. While life threw absolutely everything it had against her, Whitney was the first, and many times the only one, to just smile and know everything was going to be just fine. We never saw her frown. Not even when we spent several hours at her hospital bedside one night and she had only received bad news before.

She was an incredible mother to Marlee and a wife to Lacy. She was a friend to any and everyone. Of course she was also a daughter, a sister, and as we always said, she was my bro.

She never wanted a traditional funeral. She wanted a party. So that’s what we’re all doing tonight.

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SEYNE-LES-ALPES/PARIS (Reuters) – Investigators have retrieved cockpit voice recordings from one of the “black boxes” of the German jet that crashed in the Alps, killing everyone onboard, and they expect a preliminary read-out of their content in days, an official said on Wednesday.

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