I’m Right Here, Right Now

Written By Analise Cross, Ph.D.

A telepathic afterworld visit from a horse named Tristan.

When the first therapy horse in my New Hampshire center for children in need died in his sleep at age 30 in 2001, I was on a pilgrimage in Arizona, in a lone cabin in a forest near Flagstaff.

I got the news when I called my daughter who was caretaking all our animals. I raced back to my cabin and did a self-Reiki session to process my piercing grief for the loss of this extraordinary horse.

Immediately I heard Tristan speak to me in my mind's eye: "Why are you crying when I haven't gone anywhere? I'm right here, right now."

Many years later, I was given a fuller understanding of Tristan’s reassurance. For I have been graced with an awareness of the afterlife, of how our loved ones who have passed are alive and well in the hereafter and are even able to connect with us. To my amazement, I began to experience this myself!

One by one, my beloved animal family who had crossed over after selfless service in our therapy center, have appeared in my mind’s eye for telepathic dialogue—horses, dogs, llamas, goats and a slew of smaller furry critters.

Photo: Pezibear – Pixabay

A Good Life Makes for a Good Death

On June 16, 2018, it was Tristan’s turn, and my longing to hear from him was finally met. He filled me in on his experience in the afterlife since we had last connected right after his death.

Through my flowing tears, he spoke of his growth and joy there, and his finding that it is indeed a good life that makes for a good death. He revealed that his progress in the afterlife had its foundation in his five years of service with kids in need, in which he was transfigured from a rejected horse who had suffered terribly, to a glorious being who became our "one true thing."

What a mess he had been when he came to us, ailing on every level including chronic diarrhea that reflected the anger which had gathered in him over a long hard life. But with love and healing from every side, he soon rallied and began to shine. His bouts of diarrhea diminished and soon stopped, his body became plump and muscled, and his dull chestnut coat turned into glistening mahogany.

With his broad back and quiet, loving manner, he became the backbone of our therapy program. After he died, a story was published in his honor which the kids had titled, “His Spirit Roams in Our Hearts Forever.”

And now he has come to me to show me that his spirit is full of life and joy in the afterworld like the others who have crossed. I feel bottomless exultation for my experience of the wellbeing and unfolding of my loved ones, and of the seamlessness of our two worlds. I give thanks.

TOSP: What do you hope those grieving will receive from sharing your story?

An awareness that grief can be mitigated by after-death contact with loved ones.

Thank you to Analise Cross for sharing her story.

Photo (+ cover photo) by ArtTower, Pixabay