IAEA to get more money for Iran nuclear deal monitoring

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Photo stolen while taking a tour of the Sugar Loaf Mountain (Rio de Janeiro), one of the most touristic places in Latin America. A whole family, at the exception of the father, was wearing protection mask. I was hitching to take a picture of the youngest boy. The hardest part was obviously to remain un-noticed to avoid offending or provoking non-natural behavior. I thought this picture was so much reflecting the actuality that I wanted to share it on flickr.

This actuality has several names:
Grippe porcine
Grippe A
Swine flu
Gripe suína
Influenza A

June 11th of 2009, the World Health Organization declared a global flu pandemic. It is the first flu pandemic in 40 years, the last in 1968 killed about one million people.
July the 1st, in terms of numbers, the worldwide situation is worrying indeed with more than 77’000 confirmed cases and more than 330 deaths. United States of America being on top of the list followed by Mexico where the H1N1 virus first emerged in April. Since then the virus spread to 74 countries.

Now regarding the masks protection, Dr Ronald Cutler – deputy director of biomedical science at the University of London – says: "They are not bio-chemical suits. Masks are obviously just covering one part of the body so your hands and clothes could all have the virus on and when you take them off you will infect yourself. Because people are wearing a mask they think they are protected and may go into crowded areas. The best advice is to wash your hands and cover your mouth when sneezing.

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VIENNA (Reuters) – Several states pledged on Thursday to back a U.N. nuclear agency request for 4.6 million euros ($ 5.7 million) as soon as possible to pay for its monitoring of an extended, interim nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

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