How To Prevent Termites In Your Home

how to prevent termites in your home
Photographer: Roberto Carlos Roman | Source: Unsplash

Termites can do extraordinary damage to your home, so preventing termites from making your home their home is paramount. But what are some of the prevention measures you can take to prevent termites? Read our comprehensive guide below to prevent termite problems in the future.

Prevent Termites Accessing Your Home

prevent termites
Let's Prevent Termites

There are always some points around your home where termites can enter. To ensure this does not happen, you should always seal off those entrance points.

Even a small gap around the gas and water supply can cause a termite infestation, so this is the first place you need to be looking at. Fortunately, this is a quick fix. Simply apply some sealant and ensure there are no visible gaps where termites can enter.

Another way for termites to gain access to your home is through wood, which is also their favorite habitat. To avoid such access, there cannot be any wood to ground contact. If this is not possible, then try to minimize wood to ground contact as much as possible.

If you have a significant amount of wood to ground contact; for example, when you have a wooden porch, then you can treat your existing wood. Call your preferred pest control technician to give the wood an annual prevention treatment.

Remove Food Sources

Termites are very attracted to anything that contains cellulose, this is a substance that makes up the cell wall of plants. You can find it in landscaping mulch, but also in greenery overall.

To ensure termites do not find a prime food source near or inside your home, keep your home free of most cellulose materials. If you have wood lying around in your garden – or a landscaping mulch – this should be removed as well. If you want to maintain your garden with mulch, you can obtain some alternatives that do not contain cellulose.

Wooden fencing can also be a prime target for those termites. As mentioned earlier, this wood to ground contact can be a prime target for termites. Therefore, you could place your fences on a heightened concrete base instead and avoid such contact.

If your home is susceptible to drywood termites, you can also protect your home by adding some new paint on the exterior walls. Paint can seal wooden structures a little more, preventing dry-wood termites to gain entry. Of course, you must also remove any food sources for dry-wood termites nearby; this includes firewood, dead trees, and the like.

Moisture Is The Enemy

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While most people are aware that wood is a prime attraction for termites, not everyone knows that moisture is a big attraction too. Therefore, water accumulation in or outside your home could lead to a serious termite problem.

One of the places that could be a prime target for termites is the foundation of your home. If you have a considerable amount of water accumulating around the foundation, then you should remove it as soon as possible. The water could come from your HVAC system as it drains the water.

Another location you need to check for water accumulation is your basement and crawl spaces. While most people have the outside covered, they often forget about the humid places inside the home. It is also recommended to keep plumbing well-maintained, as leaking water could deliver some problems too.

prevent termites

Do Regular Inspections

Even if you have taken the preventative measures we mentioned above, there is always a small chance of termite infestation. To ensure termites stay at bay, check wood around your home and garden regularly for signs of these pests. You could also hire a professional to perform an annual check around the home and ensure you are termite free.