How To Avoid Mice Infestations

mice infestations
Photographer: Mert Guller | Source: Unsplash

If you have encountered even one mice infestation, it may be worth reading through our prevention tips below. Mice infestations are completely preventable, so be sure to implement the useful tips below to avoid mice infestations in the future.

Food Management

Leaving food on the kitchen counters or anywhere around your home is an open invitation for a mice infestation. Therefore, it is important to keep food stored away. Below, you can find some useful tips on how to do just that.

Sealed containers – Storing leftovers in sealed containers is an absolute must. You can use contains in various materials; this includes plastic, metal and even glass.

Remove cardboard – Cardboard can be a major attraction for mice, as they use it as a nesting ground. Even empty boxes that are still laying around could be a potential attraction for mice. Therefore, always empty cardboard boxes and fold them away if you want to use them in the future.

Leave bread in the fridge – While many people leave the bread on the kitchen counter, this could be an attraction for mice as well; this especially applies to people living in the countryside. So, always place bread and other foods in the fridge and do not leave them on the countertops

Remove crumbs – Bread crumbs or other food residue laying around your home. Even the smallest crumbs can become an attraction for mice.

Seal Access Points To Your Home That Will Prevent Mice Infestations

When it comes down to mice infestations, you must look around your home for possible access points. Even the smallest crevice leading into your home could be an access point for a mouse.

To prevent mice from accessing your home, check for any holes and cracks between the bricks or around the foundation. If you find any, you can temporary close it down with some steel wool. Of course, it is always best to have a professional fill any crevices, holes, and cracks.

Secondly, you should never keep doors and windows open for long periods of time, as they are also prime entry points for mice. If you do open a door or a window, be sure to keep an eye on them for the duration they are open.

Keep Your Home Tidy

While tidy homes can also get mice infestations, unclean environments are a big attraction for mice too. Large piles of clothes, garbage bags, cardboard, and similar things are all prime nesting grounds. While mice can also enter clean homes, infestations are more likely and more severe in unkept environments.

Evidently, if you find evidence of a mice infestation, which could be anything from visible mice to mouse droppings, it is time to call a pest control service and go through the preventative steps we have mentioned above. By doing so, you can get rid of any damage but prevent future infestations at the same time. Your pest control professional can also provide you with additional tips and tricks on how to avoid mice infestations in the future.

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