HK students seek intermediary to arrange Beijing trip

St Ann’s #1
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Image by an untrained eye
April 19th, 2008 – Manchester, England

I took four shots from hip level while walking slowly past this man who was sitting on the steps of St Ann’s church, waiting for I not what or whom, as the rain fell softly down. I have posted two here.

I’m not sure I can explain why, but I felt an enormous tenderness for him, for the lifetime of worry etched into his face, for the incongruous brightness of his sky blue scarf and gloves, and ten minutes or so after I took these pictures I went back to where I had seen him in the hope of speaking to him. But he was gone.

Postscript (added February 25th 2009) : Extraordinarily, this man, whose name I now know is Raymond Emmanuel, hit the news recently when he was spotted on the street by a casting agent for Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming Sherlock Homes movie. His moving story – well worth reading in full – appeared in The Guardian on February 4th 2009 here.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – A leader of Hong Kong’s student protests called on Thursday for a respected intermediary to help arrange a trip to Beijing where the students want to make their case to China’s leaders for greater democracy in their city.

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