Highly Decorated Soldier and WNC Native Challenges District 11 Incumbent

The GOP Battle for N.C. 11 Has a New Strategic Leader

I’m Rod Honeycutt and running for Congress as a Republican in North Carolina's 11th District.  For nearly four decades, I proudly wore the uniform of a United States service member.  The tag on my uniform, U.S. Army, was a daily reminder of the oath I took to defend our country and the people of the United States.  Today, more than ever, that oath continues to guide and direct my decision to represent the hard working men and women of Western North Carolina, for as long as I live and breathe – I will defend our GREAT NATION.Western North Carolina born and raised; the oldest of four sons born into the home of Homer and Shelby Rice Honeycutt.  For multiple generations my family has resided in Buncombe and Yancey Counties.  

My retirement as Colonel was effective 1 July with my last assignment as the Assistant Chief of Staff-Logistics for the United States Army Central Command.  I have served in multiple combat zones and commanded in multiple locations around the world.After graduating from Clyde A. Erwin in 1983 and following five years of Enlisted Service, I earned an Army Officer Commission as a Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of South Carolina.  Later completing two Masters Degrees; one in Logistics Management from the Florida Institute of Technology and one in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College.  Among other awards, I received three Legion of Merit and two Bronze Star Medals and my military qualifications include:  Master Parachutists Badge, Air Assault Badge, Parachute Rigger Badge, Combat Action Badge and the Ranger Tab.

As the WNC candidate of choice, I pledge to work for you, the hard working men and women of WNC.  Spending time and building relationships within the 17 counties of District 11 is priority #1.  Carrying our mountain message to Washington D.C. is my focus.  I believe the silent majority wants a quiet professional focused on our home.  Prior to announcing my bid for congress, I began building relationships with leaders of business, political, emergency and essential services, and with everyday hard working citizens from every corner of District 11.  I listened, heard, and will adhere to your guidance and mentoring.  Moving forward your input will shape and guide my every vote and message to Washington.  I sincerely hope our paths cross during my

“FOR THE PEOPLE CAMPAIGN.”Images and use of Col Honeycutt’s rank, do not imply endorsement of the United States Army or the Department of Defense