High End Air Conditioning Appliances Help Keep Homes Cool In Summer

About 40% of a home’s energy is consumed for heating and cooling homes that for any other appliances by the householders in the U. S. It is quite expensive to keep your interiors contentedly cool during the summer weather in Florida. A home solution specialist, Don Cross from Winter Garden at the Armstrong Air and Heating the most simplest way to save money is to maintain your air conditioning system on a regular basis. Cross believes that the homeowners must be educated to think their AC’s just like their cars which they never go a year without changing oil or tires or fulfilling other servicing.

With new improvements in technology, there are some cost effective methods available to keep their homes cool for people who like to cut electricity bill and carbon footprint. There are more efficient air conditioning systems around, which are similar to central air conditioning, and are well thought-out to be efficient than room air conditioners.

Energy Star Certified Systems.

Since 1st Jan, 2015, with new standards declared by federal standards any air conditioner must have a SEER rating of 14 or higher. SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is cooling output produced during a typical cooling season divided by total electric energy input during that season. Energy Star certified ACs have higher efficiency with two-stage compressor and operates at two speeds. These efficient systems are more expensive than normal standard systems, but can level the cost with low energy bills throughout the season.

Ceiling Fans And ACs.

When homeowners install air conditioning in their homes, it is ideal to keep ceiling fans switched on at medium or low speed so as to maintain a steady flow of air. The room temperature is levelled effectively with the ceiling fan, so that the AC doesn’t have to work hard. The properly updated and maintained ceiling fans and ACs can be very efficient cooling. It is expected that the price of the AC-powered fans with more and more consumer demand will come down. These fans are relatively new in the market and they compliment with AC systems very efficiently.

Energy Efficient Methods Likely To Come In The Future.

The researchers and manufactures are working hard every day to bring new technical advancements in the consumer products to save money, time and energy. The researchers at (UFC) University of Central Florida received grant of $1 million to develop energy-efficient methods of cooling homes while keeping them comfortable, well and robust. Mostly the focus is on using solar power air conditioners, humidity control systems, high performance ventilation systems.

Here are few effective tips regarding how to save money and energy on both heating and cooling systems-

  • Changing Filters regularly,
  • Save money, energy and time by installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Reduce leakage by using only insulated ducts,
  • Sanitize your air ducts
  • Upgrade your equipment if it is 10 years old.


Use various energy saving Apps and sync your smartphone with Nest system that helps you decrease your cooling costs by 15%.




By Orlando Air Conditioning Repair Company