Hidden Christmas

Blessings This Season

Has Christmas come around again and so quickly, In a blink of an eye? Christmas is a time when we have so many things on our mind such as how costly it is to buy gifts, how much food do we need and what is the new thing this year that everyone wants, desires and feigns a need.

We often move forward with blinkers and don’t consider something much deeper, that there is a difference in wanting and needing. Such a desire gives rise to the material wants, which is often not what you need, and Spirit will always provide what you need, not necessarily what you want. For some, all that’s wanted and needed is to know their loved ones are near, they are not gone and they are not alone. Most would give everything to have that need fulfilled. Other’s are looking for peace in their heart and in their lives, and looking towards forgiveness and putting things in the past right where they should be.

Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

It is a time when we should be thinking more of love, forgiveness, and compassion, and yet, where has that been throughout the year. Mediums attacking mediums, trying to get the top spot and misunderstandings causing distance between friends, even gossip based on perception rather than truth. People are attacked and jealously has been rife, yet when It comes to this time of year, most people are as fake as ever sending love and goodwill because that’s the Xmas thing to do all the while being negative in mind and deed with hidden agenda’s. We need to keep the Christmas season alive all year and not just at Christmas, for that is the way we keep closer to the spirit and recognize happiness is not lost. But what is happiness?


It’s a toss up
Photographer: KAL VISUALS | Source: Unsplash

Think upon the homeless man or woman who is highly educated and who, because of man’s incessant need for power and material gain, can hardly look a person in the eye because the shame they feel and the hatred they feel for themselves, and how most people look down on them. The truth is, they have more peace inside than you do and you have to ask yourself, are you really homeless within and they so much more spiritually wealthier than you? The reality is that happiness is already yours, it is already within you, and all you need to do is find it's the divine spark within and ignite it. You are blessed, even if you think you are not.

They suffer from loss, just as those who suffer grief and that’s another aspect of this season that is often lost. Loss is devastating at this time, but all is not lost and our loved ones are as near as ever.

Loss Of A Loved One

Loss is often a wake-up call; it is then, one forgets about the material world and can only cry out for that touch of their loved ones, that voice calling them to awaken the reality that they are not alone. For some, this is a season that is dreaded most because of the grief they feel at this time, and if you have not lost a loved one, then you can’t possibly comprehend how a person feels at this time of year.

Silver Birch – a wise spirit guide – once proclaimed that “the greatest gift you can give the world is service” and that means from the heart and without condition. Oh how we put conditions on everything.

The Power Of Prayer

The greatest currency we have is prayer and prayer from love is the greatest service we can give to our brothers and sisters. Before we dive into our food and rip open our gifts, perhaps we should spend some of that currency thinking about those who are suffering this season, those who feel alone even though they may be surrounded by people. Those who yearn for the touch of their loved ones and those who may be lost in ignorance.

We don’t give prayerful pity, we don’t offer comfort to feel superior, we give only in love without condition, that divine love may enter the souls of the lost to bring them home, that may warm the cold feeling of the grieving, that, they may feel the warmth of their loved ones in spirit. That our sick may be comforted and given a reprieve from suffering, that love awakens men’s hearts to the injustice of the ego and the imbalance of nature.

We pray with heartfelt love for ourselves that we may recognize our misgivings and clear ourselves of imbalance – so our prayers may travel through the ether and touch the souls that are in need. We pray that our words comfort and do not cut but instead give compassion with understanding. That we have no judgment and see only the mirror of our souls. That we continue the exercise throughout the year.

We cannot grow spiritually unless we truly know what love is and in this season of love, it is time to take action. You must take some time and reflect on how you have acted in thought and in action, and how your ego and your drive has caused suffering in other’s. There’s no sense in reading this and thinking on other’s or what they have done to you, what have you done that was unjust and wrong, what perceptions have you accepted as truth? Then when you have done that and you are ready to forgive yourself, then you can begin to forgive others and really feel what love is and why Christmas should exist in men's hearts throughout the year.

It is not enough that you use this season to make yourself feel good, try using what you reflect on and what you know is right and show love and understanding and carry this forward for all time not just when you are expected to because of a season.

“Love Without Condition For Our Loved Ones Is Our Reflection.”

Christmas is not about the trinkets, the gorging and the desire to fill ourselves with that which does not serve. It is truly about the love that we have within that we can share freely; it is abundant and unending. It is the bridge to the spirit and the breath of life. This season, I wish peace on all, I wish that all may reflect and come to a real sense of peace within and to all relationships. This season, I wish that all of you who are without your loved ones may take a walk on that bridge and be carried upon the prayers of all of us who feel your sorrow, that you may feel the real power of spirit surrounding you with all of your loved ones on the other side of life. For all the blessings we have on this earth plane, we give our heartfelt thanks in gratitude for what we have and offer our currency of the soul to all who may feel in debt.

May God bless you all this season!