Healing and How The Body Heals Itself!

The body is a powerhouse of energy, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Consequently, when the body becomes out of balance with its energy systems, then trouble will ensue as one imbalance will lead to another that will inevitably result in the manifestation of physical Illness. Dr Larry, A Holistic and Nutritional Doctor and host of the magic of healing, discusses the miracle that is the body and mind and it's power to heal.

Body Heal Thyself

How Does the Body Heal Itself?

The healing process is very unique to each individual person. Some people heal instantly whereas others heal over a course of time, and it is more of a healing process they experience. Typically with chronic illnesses, an individual’s health deteriorates over time, and it may take a considerable amount of time due to the length of time a disease has been allowed to replicate and gain roots.

What often hinders the human population is impatience. The saying “Patience is golden.”is very apt. It has taken a certain amount of time for your illness to appear, and it will take a certain amount of time for it to heal, this is normal material physiology. This does not take into account physical traumas such as auto injuries. Healing may not be so much about you getting better, but it also incorporates learning to let go of negative beliefs and expectations which can help you heal your life!

The secret to great health is understanding the power of one's own mind and harnessing the healing power that is contained within. I am sure that you have all heard the saying;

Man Heal Thyself

The power of the mind and the post traumatic stress syndrome we have all undergone make it even that more difficult to find our way on the road to good health, because we are caught in a never ending cycle of material belief's and perceptions brought on by external influences and behavior patterns forced upon us by other's false perceptions.

When one is going through a healing process, there is a healing cycle we often refer to as the Safety Pin Cycle. This means that the body will have good days and bad days. Sometimes, the individual will experience a healing crisis, and over time, will begin to have more good days than bad.

Nutrition Heals The Body

The body can and does do miraculous things and that includes healing itself over and over. However the body must be given the proper nutrition an be allowed to remove obstacles that are in the way of the natural process of health and vitality. We have seen the body heal like magic where there has been no hope given from medical doctors or conventional treatments. How each person heals is their own healing journey that is never written in stone.

The body has an inner wisdom called innate intelligence. This is the driving force within you that makes things function. This innate energy sometimes gets out of balance due to outside influences on the body, and often the disease process sets in. Holistic methods help the body’s innate energy to come back into balance. Some individuals call this innate energy Chi, while others call it the soul. It doesn’t matter how you want to label this energy, what is important is to understand that this energy exists inside of you. With the proper stimulus, this energy can be redirected and programmed to heal the body. The healing can happen on a physical, spiritual, or emotional level.

Obstacles To Healing

There are many obstacles to healing. Getting out of the way of the universal healing energy that is available to anyone is sometimes the hardest part for us. The obstacles in the way of harnessing your body’s magical healing ability can include emotional factors that come from physical and emotional trauma, spiritual factors, chronic illnesses, stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins, heavy metals, reactions to vaccines and medications, etc. Each person has their own unique body chemistry and their own belief systems about their health. If you have confidence and believe that you can heal without a doubt, it can literally happen overnight like magic!

Your mind is a very powerful tool and a store of energy in your healing. Aligning your mind and thoughts around regaining your health can make all of the difference in the world as to whether or not you reach your health goals.

When the body is given the right combination of things that may be missing, such as, nutrition, vitamins, minerals or herbs. It can restore itself from any condition. The body has great regenerative powers that have been unexplored. For example, when a claw is removed from a stone crab, it will regenerate its claw automatically and magically. We just need to show the body the right tools it needs to heal.

Sometimes, from birth, we bring in negative emotions or even possibly past life traumas that manifest in our cells. This is what we call our soul journey. Our cells have a memory that can be passed on from a mother to the fetus. This can then manifest itself as a disease many years later. We are also the cause of our disease through bad choices resulting in bad dietary habits, environmental pollution, poor water quality, undue stress and duress, financial worries, lack of exercise, drug use, medications, trauma, etc. These all have the potential to affect the body in a negative way. The body feeds on your thoughts! Positive thoughts can produce optimal health as long as there isn’t any resistance which often accommodates negative thinking and feeling.

Sometimes the largest thing that we are faced with is when we have a chronic illness for long periods of time, can we really heal? Many people carry their illness for attention, or possibly from self-punishment stemming from blame, shame, and guilt. This often results in shutting down the body’s magic to heal itself naturally. Negative beliefs and preconceived ideas about your self can be a detrimental factor in regaining your health. Negative beliefs about our health without much attachment tend to just move through us and do no harm, however repressed emotions can lead to health problems.

The Mind Is A Healer

The holistic physician can often be the one to restore faith and hope. The mind is the major master and controlling regulator of the body ecology and biochemistry. We must remember that 98% of all health ailments start with an emotional trauma. We must understand that any trauma whether it is emotional, physical or nutritional , effects the Limbic system of the brain, as well as the Vagus nerve controlling your nervous system and your repetitive negative thoughts. Your brain as well as your body has to go through some reprogramming for optimal wellness to occur. You can not do one without the other. Do not underestimate the power of the mind and emotions to help you attract whatever you desire to have in your life. It is super important to be in the right frame of mind when you are embarking on a healing journey.