Getting fit on a budget

Getting fit on a budget

What are the top two excuses for not getting a professional to guide you through the fitness process?
1) I can’t afford a trainer
2) I don’t have time

Though these do seem valid they are exactly what they are….excuses!!

Before I give you some amazing solutions let’s take a look at some options and the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Big box gyms:
The benefits include lots of equipment and a set monthly fee. Also generally open convenient hours.
The pitfalls include long term contracts that are almost impossible to cancel, crowded during peak hours, large classes where the instructor doesn’t know your name let alone your goals or any limitations you may have, under paid trainers who are in a hurry to get clients through to get to the next client and expensive training rates.

Video programs:
The benefits include that you are on your schedule and your own home so no travel is required. Many of these programs are developed by well qualified trainers and are priced better than a gym membership.
The pitfalls are lack of fitness equipment and the lack of qualified supervision and coaching to ensure safety and accountability. The biggest pitfall to your progress is that while these programs have a set progress built in they only go so far and the disc does not know you age, condition and most importantly has no idea if this is the first time or 100th you are playing that disc, it will take you through the same workout over and over leaving you with the “now what factor”.

In the park or my garage discount trainers:
The benefits well maybe accountability.
The pitfalls are most garage trainers or mobile trainers are generally not properly certified, insured or licensed. Yes even in Florida a mobile trainer must have a state license not only a city or county license. The other pitfall is lack of equipment or the lack of safe commercial grade equipment. I am not saying every mobile trainer is fly by night and as a matter of fact there are some that are amazing but check and verify that they do not have a cereal box internet certification, that they are properly insured, licensed and make sure they have a valid and state approved contract before using a mobile trainer!

Do it yourself fitness:
Benefits would include no cost, your location and your time schedule.
Pitfalls would be safety, lack of reaching a desire outcome, no accountability and the lack of knowledge to help you through a long term process.

So at this point it seems like there is no really affordable and time efficient way to get fit in a safe environment with accountability and professional guidance right? Well that is not true. The truth is the b set way to go is to find a reputable, certified and insured trainer that has or is affiliated with a properly equipped studio and has fair rates but charges enough to ensure that they properly maintain the facility and carry appropriate insurance and licensing.

The are many qualified trainers at these type of facilities and this is why the trends are going away from the big box gyms, the overrated video programs and the fly by night garage trainers.

So I promised you a solution at the beginning of this article and now it is time to deliver!
I am Lew Bronstein the founder of Revitalize Life Fitness in Altamonte Springs Florida and we have a program that is like no other and we call it our Xpress20 which has a burn version and a build version depending on the clients goal of fat loss or muscle gain.
Our Xpress20 is a person training program that can even be accomplished on a lunch break as we get you in and out the door including warm up, your training session and cool down in exactly 30 minutes. This handles the I don’t have time excuse as any one can find 30 minutes to attend to their wellness and fitness. Second with certain packages of Xpress 20 you can get a personal training session with a truly qualified trainer in an awesome facility for just $15 per session! So there you have it. Personal training that is extremely affordable. In a truly progressive environment with accountability from a trainer who is mission based to help you meet and more often exceed your fitness goals! Many of our clients do the Xpress20 program in conjunction with our group fitness classes which are held in doors for safety and to foster the use of our modern equipment to maximize your fitness experience.
Sounds great right? It truly is an efficient and affordable way to reach your fitness goals.

What if you don’t live in our area? We can train you remotely with our unique digital program where we can design and digital send your workouts that sync back to us when you complete them and we then. Grow your program as you progress! We can also do live sessions via Skype or FaceTime so your trainer is right with you!

We would love to be your trainers and if you want let’s set that up. If we are not feasible than by all means find a qualified mission based trainer that your are comfortable with and get moving today!

It is my deepest wish that we have inspired you today to step and and take control of your body and your life today!

I encourage you to live a life of passion, energy and by all means always live your dream.

For team Revitalize Life this is Lew Bronstein

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