French network’s broadcasts hacked by group claiming IS ties

NHS doctors and nurses practise medical care in full protective Ebola gear
Image by DFID – UK Department for International Development
NHS doctors and nurses practise their medical skills at the Army’s Ebola training facility, near York. Both visibility and ease-of-movement is more limited when wearing the full safety suits needed, so it is essential to practise routine tasks before deployment.

The facility is a replica of the British-built Ebola treatment centres the medics will join in Sierra Leone. Temperatures are also raised to 30°C to simulate the same working conditions.

More than 30 doctors, nurses and medics from across the UK’s National Health Service are joining Britain’s fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

The NHS volunteers have spent 9 days training at the Army Medical Services Training Centre, at Strensall near York in preparation.

The group – which includes GPs, nurses, clinicians, psychiatrists and consultants in emergency medicine – will work on testing, diagnosing and treating people who have contracted the deadly virus.

They will work in British-built treatment centres across the country, which when full, will triple Sierra Leone’s bed capacity.

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Picture: Simon Davis/DFID

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Hackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group seized control of a global French television network, simultaneously blacking out 11 channels and taking over the network’s website and social media accounts.
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