Let’s Fly Author Is An Inspiration

Matthew Martino will inspire generations of pilots

Lets Fly author Matthew C Martino will inspire generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts should his plans to implement pilot equipment and book giveaways. The 21year old is beginning his journey in philanthropy.

Martino who earlier this year expressed an interest in working with orphan charities such as World Vision that where ‘close to home’ has decided to keep it all within aviation and he will empower and support as many pilots as possible under his London based aviation consultancy firm Lets Fly Academy.

mathewcmartino2Lets Fly Academy announced the addition to their team, Martino’s former close aide Tino Chiko joined the firm as a Business Development Manager and he is expected to spearhead the growth and impact of the giveaways and support that the academy will offer in the future. Speaking out on the new recruitment publicist Carol Suvarov called it ‘A great addition, we can’t wait to hear what ideas Tino has planned for the development of Lets Fly Academy’.

The Lets Fly author has been interested in aviation since he was a young man whilst residing in Zimbabwe and when he relocated to UK this never changed as he wrote pilots manual Lets Fly and wrote and directed flying visual Lets Fly Documentary. He has also shown his technological side by designing Lets Fly APP for IOS.
It will be interesting to see what future initiatives Martino has planned to empower aspiring pilots and those with an interest in aviation.

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