Five Signs That Show Its Time To Change Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters limit your air conditioning system’s efficiency and acceleration. A dirty air filter may also cause more humidity and poor indoor air quality. As increased humidity in the air breeds mold and causes adverse health problems, it is crucial to change AC air filters regularly. Replacing them can help improve the ventilation and efficiency of the system that gives optimum cooling results.

a man showing signs that will tell you to change dirty air filters

Mold and dust in your AC system require the assistance of an AC technician to change. Although you need a trained technician to replace your moldy and dirty A.C filters, there are some steps you can take to keep humidity in your home at bay.

How to change dirty air filters regularly?

Inside the air conditioning system are woven fiberglass air filters that clean the air that moves through them. This repeated movement of air through the filters cleans the indoor air. To understand and compare the energy efficiency of an air conditioner’s filter, we use the MERV rating. A good air filter should have a MERV rating of 5-8. But, it is important to note that a MERV rating doesn’t guarantee long-term protection against repairs. Your AC may have an excellent MERV rating but might also need frequent repairs.

When the air filters are clogged with tiny particles such as dust, mold spores, and microorganisms, its cooling capability decreases. Replacing AC filters increases the system efficiency, hence lowering power consumption, providing better cooling and high indoor air quality.

Replacement of air filters also prolongs the life of your air unit. Keeping your AC filters clean also saves you time and high labor costs spent on repairs.

How to know if the air filter is clogged?

There are five signs that show, air filters of your cooling unit might be dirty and need replacement.

Piled up dirt and dust in air ducts

Clogged air ducts can cause your AC system to malfunction. The white sheet test can confirm if the air ducts are dirty or not. Here is how to perform a white sheet test:

  1. Take a clean white sheet and hang it about 5 inches away from the AC ducts.
  2. Let the sheet hang for a few hours.
  3. Check the color of the white sheet after some time has passed by comparing it to another clean white sheet.

If the sheet of paper turns gray, it is an indication that the air filters are dirty and need cleaning. If the sheet is dark gray, it indicates the need to remove and replace the air ducts.

change air filters

Your electricity bill has increased.

The hot summers in the US require homeowners to use air conditioning systems to stay cool. If you notice an unusual increase in your energy bill, it could be because of an inefficient cooling system that has clogged air ducts. Changing air filters can straight away reduce the energy bill cost.

The cooling system might use more energy to maintain the temperature when it has piled up dirt in cooling coils. Dirt in air filters and cooling coils may also result in poor air quality.

Triggered Allergies

The purpose of air filters in a cooling system is to protect the indoor air from pollutants. If the air pollutants are not filtered, you might be exposing yourself to harmful health issues. If a family member has an allergy or respiratory issue like asthma, it might get triggered when the air has more allergens.

Lingering debris and microorganisms in the air are bad for your health.Therefore, to keep those pesky allergies at bay, it is necessary to clean or change air filters regularly.

Malfunctioned Cooling Ability

A malfunctioning cooling ability of your AC might be an indicator of dirty air filters. The dirt might be blocking the inside of the AC, reducing its cooling capability. If the air filter is filled with debris, contact an air conditioning service technician to arrange an inspection.

The back of your AC is too hot.

change air filters

Air conditioners heat up when they use more energy and work harder to cool your house. If the back of your AC unit is too hot and the cooling is not up to the mark, it's time to change AC filters. Excessive heating of the air conditioner can also shorten the unit’s life drastically. To avoid paying for repairs, in the long run, keep your AC unit’s filter clean at all times.

When do you need to change your AC filters?

If you haven’t changed your AC filters since you bought your AC, you are in huge trouble. Clogged dust and dirt in your AC does not let 20-30% of the air pass through. The air filters must be changed after 90 days of use. To keep the unit functioning at its optimal, it is suggested to replace them every 30 days.

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