Finance officials see rising risks to economic recovery

Isis Puzzle Orb (Solved)
Image by Justin Shearer
I solved it in 5 days. 2 hours a day, but I can hardly say it only took me 10 hours… I thought about it all the time…

About the Isis:
For more than a year, the ISIS has challenged the most accomplished puzzle experts in the United Kingdom. At last, the ISIS phenomenon – "the most difficult puzzle ever" – has come to America.

Each ISIS is unique, with just one solution.

The puzzle is a gleaming orb, handcrafted in England of a premier alloy of aluminum and constructed of precisely engineered, moveable bands.

Each band is etched with hieroglyphics; the challenge is to position those bands in the right combination to unlock the ISIS. You are given 10 encrypted clues to decipher.

Crack the ISIS code and receive access to the Award Zone, where you will have the chance to win such prizes as ,000 cash or a massage chair worth ,000!

World finance officials said Saturday they see a number of threats on the horizon for a global economy still clawing back from the deepest recession in seven decades, and a potential Greek debt default presents the most…
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