Do You Have A Fear Of The Dentist – No Pain Laser Dentistry

Modern Dentists, Laser Dentists, Compassionate Dentists – They Exist

Like much of the Us Population and the world population for that matter, there is a deep unnerving fear of going to the dentist. The noise of drills, the pain of extractions and the whole aspect of having fillings and other treatments done is terrifying to many individuals and we must realize that Dentists do have a kind of bad reputation. Just the word can send people into fear mode and make them shiver with disgust. laser dentist orlandoI am one of those members of the population and fit right into that Demographic, however after my last visit to Dr Jose Marcano in Orlando, A specialist in cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Dentistry.  I can honestly state that my faith and belief in Dentists has come back with such force that I have to share it with all our readers. For several months, I have suffered with ailments, and at first attributed them to the issues with Allergies, sinus problems and other conditions derived from the Florida environment. The very thought that something could have been wrong from failed Root Canals never crossed my mind until that dreadful day when all hell broke loose in my face and teeth after so many months of investigating other illnesses and the pain i experienced, I would not wish on my worst enemy. I had visited a few Dentists in the Area and one was good but not as good as I hoped and another was only interested in the money. I heard that Dr Marcano cared about his work and that he was a specialist who used lasers instead of drills – he was a laser Dentist. Sounded more like something from a sci fi movie but I was more than interested after researching and knowing that I had no choice but to have treatment to heal me from the pain and the abscesses that exploded within. I made my appointment and prayed that something would turn up to cause me not to go. Already the fear was building and I was dreaming about terrible dental procedures. Now when I first met Dr Marcano, he mentioned what I should have done and what surprised me was the lack of all the other procedures that other Orlando Dentists were trying to get me to agree to, which was financially pie in the sky prices. Imagine my surprise when the Good Doctor only concentrated on my issue and not trying to sell me on anything else other than treatment needed. I felt that he and his staff were the real caring individuals that I had hoped, from the assistant at the desk to the nurse who worked with the Doctor – all I saw and experienced was professionalism and compassion.

NO Pain – Lot’s of Gain

I have never – not experienced the injections or little twinges that happen during dental procedures but In all honesty I felt nothing at all when Dr Marcano was treating me. I was aware that I was being worked on and dreading the time when he would tell me to prepare for a tooth extraction. He told me that he would wiggle the tooth just to see how things were before he extracted and that he would extract it once he prepared it. That of course was a white lie because no sooner had the words come out his mouth, he then stated “it’s done.” To my sheer amazement, the tooth had been extracted and I felt absolutely nothing.

Laser Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist – Super Dentist

So who is this super Dentist? Well, Dr Jose Marcano is a family man with a passion for his craft. He cares about his work and he cares about how patients are treated. He has a compassionate air about him and is able to put you at ease instantly. However, he is not the only cog in the wheel because his machine would not work if it were not for his equally compassionate staff. Dr Marcano is a Top cosmetic Dentist, but what is really unique in his practice and sets him apart from others in his field, is the use of speciality lasers. As a Laser Dentist, he uses technology that is at the forefront of modern cosmetic dentistry.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry was developed not only to tend to those who had a terrible fear of the dentist due to the use of drills but mainly because of the hygienic and safer methods of dentistry – laser allows the patient to undergo treatment without the need for anesthesia and drills that cause discomfort with heat and friction. Dr Marcano is an expert in Laser dentistry and is also one of the medical professionals who teaches up and coming Dentists on the benefits of laser. Just think! no more drills and uncomfortable vibrations, no Injections – just pure comfort and almost enjoyable experience.