Eco Family Challenge

Green Living is Clean Living

It all initiates with an impetuous idea. In January, I decided to switch my two-year-old son, Co, from disposable to cloth diapers. I had fiddled with the idea when he was a newborn, but was discourage by the prices. As the New Year approached, I decided to do a more thorough search for a reasonably priced cloth option. I stumbled upon the pocket style diaper. It is cheap and very similar to a disposable, which is a super plus for the husband! I bought 5, and dove into cloth diapering head first. I was entirely sold on the switch by the time February rolled around. Before going cloth, I was spending $40 a month on disposables. Since January, a sum of 4 months, I have spent less than $50 on diapering CB. Even more of a bonus… not only was my wallet happy, but Mother Nature was thrilled with my decision! Disposable diapers account for millions of tons of waste that sit in our landfills.


eco challengeThis little endeavor got the wheels in my head spinning a 1000mph. What other homemade or more natural options are there to be explored? I immediately started combing through every green, organic, holistic, homemade, and natural website for more ideas. The amount of information was overwhelming. Where was I supposed to start? Hasn’t anyone ever heard of baby steps? I felt like all the mom bloggers were so far ahead of me at this point, that I was never going to be able to catch up. Although many of the things they do are small changes, when they want you to do it all at once, it is a BIG DEAL; not only for your family, but for your budget too! There was no way I was going to be able to make the switch overnight, so I developed a plan. Each week I will pick something in my house, or life, that could be moved in a more natural direction. I will attempt the challenge for a whole week, and at the end rate my experience with “the switch”. I will take into account the expense, the effectiveness, my family’s comfort with it, and whether the switch is worth continuing. There are endless tactics when it comes to living a budget friendly, natural life. Many of the ideas are crafted by moms and everyday people. This leads me to my reasoning for doing this article. I need as many people as possible to chime in and help me figure out this way of life. I am not a green guru. I do not have a degree in organic living. I am a mom. I am a wife. I want to change my family’s life for the better, and I need your help. Go with me on this journey to baby step our way to a better way of living. Let’s find new ways to revamp our old habits. Let’s do it together. I want you to try as many challenges as you can with me. Together we can figure out how to provide our family with a more eco-friendly way of living. Let’s start this eco-family challenge!