Disney Is Frozen

Have you seen Disney’s New Movie – Frozen

“…True love brings out their best!”
hans elsa2This is an excerpt from the lyrics of one of the many inspiring, wonderful songs featured in the newest computer-animated film released by the Walt Disney Pictures in 2013 – Frozen. To those who haven’t watched this musical epic fantasy movie yet, you will be surprised on another Disney’s attempt to redefine the characters and put an unexpected, totally refreshing twist on its storyline. “Frozen” was loosely based on a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen entitled “Snow Queen”.
Unknown to many, the idea of creating a film based on such has already been planned several years ago. But it has to undergo a couple of plot treatments to make sure that it still has its original Disney feel to it. And with a screenplay created by Jennifer Lee and direction of Chris Buck, they’ve managed to create a cutting-edge, stimulating story that will surely surprise and capture the attention all of the Disney fans out there.
The story started with the classic tale of two Disney Princesses, Elsa (voiced by Idina Mendel) and Anna (Kirsten Bell) who also happened to be very close sisters. Elsa was born with cryokinetic powers. This means that she can create and control ice at will (once she got hold of her powers at the end of the movie).
One night, she accidentally hit her sister Anna with ice while playing. This led to their parents bringing Anna to the mountain trolls to be healed. It was during that time when Elsa decided to shut herself out from the outside world to assure the safety of the people she loves in the kingdom of Arendelle. The transition of the two sisters from childhood to adulthood was creatively pulled off with a song that will certainly tickle the young hearts of the audience –-“Do You Want To Build a  Snowman?”
It was before the coronation night that Anna, voiced by Kirsten Bell, met the “gorgeous” Prince Hans of the Southern Isles and fell in love at first sight with him. Tumultuous events followed when they’ve decided to wed and ask for Elsa’s blessings. But after an emotional exchange between the two sisters, Elsa went away and accidently unleashed a cold winter spell on the kingdom. With the help of a rugged, yet not so quick-witted mountain man Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven,  Anna (Bell) embarked on a journey to get her sister back and bring the Kingdom of Arendelle back to normal. Along the way, they met quite fascinating mystical creatures like the mountain trolls and Olaf, the Snow man


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