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On Photography, Shooting Architecture and the Security Guard Problem

Ok, so instead of being known as the blogger that shuts down sleazy camera stores in New York, I’m quickly becoming known as the blogger that picks fights with building security guards and then blogs about them. I’ve had a few, well a lot more than a few, run ins with security guards over the past year and when the situation becomes especially egregious I’ve tended to shoot it, blog it, and then promote it on the internet where I feel it might get the most attention.

The reason why I do/have done this is because I feel that it’s important that security guards receive the message that public photography is not a crime. I also think it’s important that the general public be educated about the rights of photographers. I shoot every single day. Generally 100 to 200 photos. I’ve got a fairly popular photostream at Flickr and I’ve sold work professionally (you can check out a shot of mine in the current issue of San Francisco Magazine).

One of the problems I have with overbearing security guards is that 99% of people just comply when asked not to shoot a building. They comply for a lot of reasons. Because they don’t know that they have a right to shoot the building. Because they just don’t like conflict in general. Because security guards can be intimidating. Etc. I’d like to see more people not comply. I think forcing the issue will make security guards less likely to harass photographers in the future.

The ability to photograph in public is important. Without this right we would never have had the Rodney King video. Recently a flickr member posted a photo of a guy who was publicly exposing himself on the subway to her on Flickr and the guy ended up turning himself in. Photography can be journalism, photography can be art. I consider most of my work in this vein. I document my world as a citizen journalist and I shoot mostly urban photography to create art.

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PARIS (Reuters) – The countdown has begun to what threatens to be a missed opportunity to revive Europe’s stalled economy.

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