Choosing an Orlando Hotel

What to aim for when looking for an Orlando Hotel for your Florida vacation

Orlando Hotel LoungeThe travel and tourism industry is alive and well and even though there has been an economic down turn, many individuals still flock to Orlando in Florida – home of the World Famous Disney World – for their vacations and business conferences. The attractions in Florida make it a viable place place for all kind of businesses seeking to expand their operations within the travel sector.

Consequently, there has been a tremendous growth in the Hotel Industry, not withstanding the economic downturn, as many hotels are opening and smaller hotels are closing due to the one-upmanship between the topliners in the hotel industry. The question is; How do you choose the right hotel or resort and is it always down to aesthetic quality or financial value.

Are you close enough to the parks?

Due to the overwhelming nature of the tourism industry, many hotel resorts are fighting for your business, and one of the greatest claims is actually how close they are to the theme parks, some of which claim to be walking distance, when in fact, to walk there would need a protective suit from mother nature herself. This is where you can input the details of the particular orlando hotel or resort and find out how close they really are in location to the parks.

What amenities does the hotel offer?

When considering your hotel, the next point you should consider are the amenities the hotel has to offer. Are there leisure facilities and dining facilities that also have good reviews on the food. No one wants to come home from the parks, tired and hungry and not have some kind of healthy wholesome food available. What does the hotel offer in terms of extra service that makes it worth while. Check on the reviews of the hotel on the internet, but as a consequence, keep in mind that some reviews will be positive and some will be negative. Remember that human beings make decisions based on emotion and those decisions are not always the right ones. Check the reviews and identify if the hotel staff reply to the reviews – both positive and negative. By carrying this out, you will have the ability to deduce the hotel staff cares about good service and make your decision based on a combination of all these factors.

Shop till you drop!

Did you know that sometimes you can find coupons in the hotel information center and you can save money whilst visiting the malls. Check and see if your hotel is within close proximity to the local shopping malls and outlets.

Family Friendly

Is the hotel you are considering, Family Friendly? Another factor is what the hotel has to offer in terms of facilities for the children. One of the resorts we looked at was the Worldgate Orlando Hotel and Resort, that has considerable amenities for children of all ages, including a games room, basket ball, tennis and swimming.

Budget Friendly

Within orlando are many hotel resorts from luxurious to low scale accommodation. Another good tip is to check on the hotel’s website as you can often find great deals and specials the hotel is offering that may even include meals or a park ticket. The third party then makes their percentage; the hidden gem here is to recognize that Orlando hotels will often wish to cut the third part and sell direct to ensure they do not sell too much of a heavily discounted rate.


There are many factors to consider when choosing your orlando hotel for your families vacation. Take these steps into consideration when choosing and use the power of the internet to gather your intelligence before you spend any money. If you follow these guidelines above, then you will be assured to find a package to suit all your families needs.


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