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‘Chakra Medicine® School of Energy Healing’ is the creation of Joanne Brocas, an award winning and bestselling author, who founded the healing school to offer certificated healing workshops and courses to anyone interested in developing their own healing power, placing healing back into their own hands. Joanne has developed a complete beginner’s workshop with the intention of keeping intuitive energy healing simple and easy to learn at affordable costs. Students will learn about the importance of looking after and taking charge of their own energy and aura so that they can help to empower and improve their health and their life.

Chakra Medicine® for Beginners Workshop will help the student to unfold their intuitive healing potential through expert tuition, practical energy exercises, guided meditations, and hands-on healing work. The student will discover the process of reading the aura and be introduced to color interpretation to help them in their intuitive evaluation. You can find out more about this particular workshop by visiting the healing training page This workshop will offer the student a good grounding into the subject of energy healing.

The brand new website of Chakra Medicine® offers plenty of healing guidance, information on up and coming workshops and events, Joanne’s latest news, and healing tips and helpful suggestions to guide the student in their healing development. The website includes information on home study courses that can help the student to learn all about energy healing and intuitive development in the comfort of their own home.

Joanne has also developed a wonderful healing workbook called Healing Power for Beginners that is helping many people to ignite their own healing power. This little healing book is a huge bestseller in the USA and the UK and will soon be published in paperback. You can find out more about Joanne’s healing books by visiting the link

‘Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing’ is officially ‘Board Approved’ for all of their workshops, and offers continuing education credits for any massage therapists and other students who need them. A total of 15 CE credits are available for the Chakra Medicine for Beginners Workshop. You do not need any prior experience to attend this initial beginners workshop and once the workshop is completed, a certificate of attendance is awarded and further entitlement is given to the availability of attending the “Practitioner’s Healing Workshop” six months later, or when the student feels ready after that initial time period has passed. Only students have attended the first workshop are invited to the second, and then the third, if they desire to become a “Chakra Medicine Intuitive Healing Teacher.”

The Chakra Medicine website is a refreshing and colorful source of information that will continue to offer insight into healing and developing one’s spiritual potential. New articles, blogs, illustrations, guidance and student’s experiences will be added regularly.

The healing workshops will help you to kick-start your natural healing abilities and boost your overall energy levels to help you optimize your physical health and well-being. The student will learn important energy protection techniques that every health care professional needs to know. This will help the healing practitioner to prevent any energy drain from working on clients with emotional issues, or from them spending time with overly negative people as both kinds of energies can easily transfer into their own aura with adverse effects. When your energy is comprised then so is your health, your career, your finances, and your relationships. Change your energy and you will positively help to change your life!

The website and workshops will help you to work with your spiritual anatomy so that you can actively help to raise your vibration, protect yourself, help to heal any physical health complaints and improve the circumstances of your life.

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You can find out more about the Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing by visiting Chakra Medicine