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Chakra Healing School FloridaThe Chakra Medicine for Beginners Energy Healing Workshop® focuses on intuitive development and basic hands-on energy healing work. The student will learn about their body’s energy systems – the aura and chakras, so that they can begin to “take charge” of their energies to help them maintain balance, harmony and wellness within their life. This healing workshop is all about self-healing and chakra balancing, therefore igniting the body’s natural healing process into action.

The chakra medicine for beginner’s workshop® teaches the vitality important aspect of energetic protection before you learn energy healing. You will learn how to protect your energy from being severely drained by other people, by your own negative mind-set and emotions, by outside sources in your environment, and by unseen energies such as earthbound spirits. When a person’s body is overly fatigued, then they are simply too tired for their body to heal and repair and they will also lack the “soul power” to create their innermost dreams and desires.

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The workshop itself will be small in numbers, which is helpful for each student to relax and take in what is being taught and to also feel comfortable in their small development group. During the workshop you will discover powerful energetic techniques and visualizations to help you connect with your higher self – the intuitive part of you that is always connected to a higher power (God), so that you can begin to intuit the messages that your body is telling you. You will also discover how to connect with your guardian angel and spirit guides, along with the mighty and powerful archangels, who can help you within your healing work. The magnificent archangels are very helpful in removing destructive energetic cords that connect into your aura and chakras that “do not” serve your greatest good.

Some of the subjects covered during this exciting two-day weekend chakra healing workshop include, manifesting and creating your dreams and desires, through healing and energizing your aura vibration. This process will help you to elevate your vibration, which is what you need to do to be able to align yourself with what you really want. When your heart and your head are in agreement then your energetic power is increased. You will also learn about the power of affirmations, how they work, and which parts of the body and chakra centers are helped. You will discover how to intuitively scan the chakras and read the energy healing vibrations of the chakras and aura of others in your group. This workshop will help to empower you to move forward in your life with increased health and vitality and with a firm understanding and grounding in energy healing.

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If you are interested in attending the next Chakra Medicine for Beginners Workshop® this coming August, then please contact Joanne to confirm your place you can also find out more information by visiting Joanne’s Chakra Medicine® website

Joanne Brocas is the founder of “Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing and Intuitive Development®.” Joanne is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Award Winning Author with over two decades of experience in intuitive development and energy healing work. Now based in Kissimmee Florida, Joanne’s exciting new energy healing school offers certificated programs in energy healing and intuitive work. Joanne is also a board approved energy healing teacher and offers CE Credits to students for all of her healing programs. A total of 15 Contact hours is currently available for the Chakra Medicine for Beginners Workshop®.