Common Bugs In The Fall

Fall Color shines in the afternoon sun.
Photographer: Timothy Eberly | Source: Unsplash

The fall season arrives between summer and the winter during which temperatures drop gradually to the lowest in the onset of winter, that is also the time when certain insects and pests are active. It is branded fall in the United Stated because of the falling of leaves from deciduous trees. The season runs from 1st September to 30th November and leads to autumn foliage and dormancy of plants. The fact that leaves have fallen from the trees is likely to make you fail to pay much attention to the area surrounding your home compared to what you do in other seasons. After all, you already cleared autumn foliage, and no more leaves fall off!

Failing to pay attention to the area that surrounds your home in this season gives pests ideal conditions for survival. The unattended homestead attracts bugs seeking some warm habitat in the cold and wet months of the year.

Bugs prevalent in the fall season

Every fall, the problem repeats itself. The uninvited pests and insects that visited you last year are the same coming this year. Bugs that thrive in warm temperatures find their way into your compound looking for shelter. Here is a list of some of the insects that you are likely to find in your home this fall.

Rodents: Mice &Rats

Rodents such as rats and mice are a common problem in fall to most homeowners. They commonly seek habitation in the ceiling or the attic as they look for warmth and safety. Rats and mice are fond of living in the roof, the ceiling, closets, the cupboard, attics, and wall spaces. Their presence in the house is unpleasant – their droppings and gnawing marks aren’t good at all. They transmit a host of diseases and can harm the property through gnawing. They at times leave electric wires bare if they gnaw the insulation which can cause short-circuiting and fire hazards.

Prevention is better than cure. It is always good to get rid of rodents from your house by removing making sure that the cupboards are clean and filling holes in outside walls. In a case where rodent infestation has already hit, adopt ways that drive them away from such as using traps electromagnetic interference indoor devices.

Ladybugs or Ladybirds

On tulip’s edge - bugs in the fall
Photographer: Dominik Scythe | Source: Unsplash

Ladybirds are common in and around the house during fall. They are fond of staying around the doors and the windows. While moving from one place to the other, they do it large groups which are unpleasant to homeowners. They do not harm the house, but their large numbers is a nuisance and annoying. They are either yellow, orange and in some cases red with black spots on some parts of the body.

Keep your house free from ladybugs by filling a spray bottle with soapy water and then spray on them to make it hard for them to reproduce.


It is hard for ants to survive in the cold, and therefore they feel hot air passing from the house, follows it to escape the cold during the fall. They need to stay warm, dry and get something to eat and that’s the reason why they come into your house. In most cases, they will move as a colony and settle near the wall of beneath the slab.

If they get into your house, they are likely to cause harm – ant bites are painful

Keep safe by keeping your home free from being infested by ants through the use of non-toxic ant detergent and sprinkling black and cayenne pepper anytime you see them.


Cockroaches infest your house to get ideal temperatures for survival, either cooler or warmer depending with the season. They also inhabit homes as they look for food and water. Strive to keep the house dry by wiping any drops of water and repairing leaky fixtures.

To keep your house free from Cockroaches, seal cracks and any other entry points. Keep your surroundings clean and free from waste matter.

A Final Thought On Bugs In The Fall

Now that you know the bugs that come out in fall season and how to keep safe from their infestation try the discussed options and for sure, you won’t have problems this fall.

Remain pest-free this season!