Beyond Body Work Expands The Massage Therapy Practice

Beyond Bodywork – Massage Therapy Boulder Colorado is changing

Alliances with other health care professionals who refer their patients to us are well established and fruitful. Education sessions help people understand the benefits of infrared sauna treatment and essential oils. As we look to the future, we see an even brighter day dawning for Beyond BodyWork as we have added significantly to our staff and the services we offer. Let us Introduce our newest member Theresa; Beyond being an exceptionally skilled massage therapist in all the standard massage styles, from light to deep pressure, Theresa, who recently joined us is also trained in reflexology and cranial-sacral massage, therefore please consider scheduling a session with Theresa soon. We are delighted that she has chosen to grow with Beyond Bodywork.

Betsy Our Nutritionist Leads The Way

Far beyond simple calorie counting, Betsy leads her clients to a deeper understanding of the role food plays in their health. Our recent affiliation with Juice Plus+ offers a powerful addition to our health guide services. Many request them as an additional treatment during their massage session. Visit our website or schedule an aromatouch session to learn more about how essential oils can support your health.

Infra Red Sauna Treatment is Growing

More and more people are coming to enjoy our infrared sauna as much more than a luxurious indulgence after a massage or on a cold and snowy day. The health benefits of a deep sweat in a comfortable and relaxing setting include purification, pain relief, weight loss, skin care and improved cardiovascular health. We have recently added a state of the art So Sound music system to your sauna experience. Sound uses acoustic resonance technology to deliver a powerfully stress reducing experience that allows you to truly feel the music.

Continuing Web Development

As we continue to develop our existence on the web we will be offering a number of our services virtually. That may sound odd for a business whose primary service is built on human touch. The internet offers a powerful tool to support holistic therapy and health. Some of these services will be enlightening. These will take the form of ebooks and videos designed to offer practical advice and solutions to common problems. Other services will include online coaching and guidance sessions.

This is an exciting time for holistic therapy. Beyond BodyWork is proud to be a part of this progress. As the health benefits of these Holistic Therapies are rediscovered, we will be there to share them with you.