Blogo – Easier to Blog

blogotitletreatmentThis has been a long time coming and though I played with this app many months ago, it’s gotten better and I have found many uses for this app in order to help you with your content marketing and your SEO for your business.

If you have WordPress blogs, Medium, Blogger and soon – Tumblr, which is a hidden gem and you are using many of these to develop good quality whitehat links – it can be a bit of an issue to manage more than one at a time. You are forever going to your CSV file to get the details and log in to your blogs, then write and then copy and paste and publish. If only there was an easier way, a kind of one-stop shop and now there is;

Blogo is the friendly app that allows just that. Its an easy way to manage all those blogs. You can write, edit and publish from one friendly user space. At first, I was hesitant and then as things progressed, I could see the overwhelming benefits of this blogging app and if the addition of Tumblr is not enough to get your juices flowing, then nothing will.

For the content marketer, this little app is a premium must have to be able to post diverse content on multiple blogs and to get the link juice and love that your hard work deserves. You can even add Evernote to the app and increase the power at your fingertips.

via Blogo In a Year: 2015 Retrospective – A blog about Writing, Blogging and Content Marketing blog – Blogo

There are so many features available within the Blogo app and it is certainly worth trying. It’s worth noting that not everyone will love something and sometimes when you see negative comments, they have not given enough time to see the progression of something. Blogo has truly progressed and the team at Blogo are working tirelessly to make it better.

They even created a very active community and in their own words’

We created our Focus Group Channel on Slack, a big community of passionate content producers who share insights and ideas, and who interact with our team daily.

We added support for new platforms.

In the past year Blogo’s team worked hard to support other blogging platforms.

We invited users from Blogger to download our Blogger Edition and welcomed Medium writers to give  The Medium Edition a try.

Our team grew and became more connected.

via Blogo In a Year: 2015 Retrospective – A blog about Writing, Blogging and Content Marketing blog – Blogo

I am excited to see how this app will progress and like most things in life, there will be teething issues and ups and downs, but for the most part. Blogo is an excellent app and well worth the investment. You can get this on the app store.