Best Maine Lobster Roll at Waterman’s Lobster Shack

When you think lobster, you would instantly associate that word with Maine Lobster, which is by far the most sought after Lobster in all of the Continental United States. However, there is also much competition on what is the best lobster roll in Maine and we think we have found it.

Best Maine Lobster Roll

maine lobster rollThere is nothing better than fresh seafood on your plate and obviously nothing healthier. However, what one would consider fresh is really not as fresh as you would think and there is a place so stunning an peaceful – set in an idyllic location in Maine that truly gives you fresh Lobster and Crab from sea to plate in literally a couple of hours. I would not have believed the difference had I not experienced the freshness and flavor for myself.

It is not a salubrious restaurant with exorbitant prices and a car park filled with cars that would require a mortgage. It is a shanty shack filled with character and history of nearly 30 years providing fresh local sea-food to plate in record time.

Lobster Shack Attack

lobster shack The Waterman’s restaurant is situated on the edge of a small beach, it looks run down and weather beaten from the years of winters and storms that come in from the coast. There is no way you would think – this place is really the home of beyond 5 star Lobster. Don’t expect to be seated in a plush air-conditioned room with twinkling glasses and a cacophony of noise filled canned laughter and chat. What you will get is un-comfy seats, real air from the sea and the best-damned seafood on the coast of this stunning inlet.

The view is really quite spectacular and no matter what the weather brings, there is something beautiful in it. You can be sure that what you get is not a massive portion by far compared to other places in the area, but you can tell the difference in the seafood – heck, the view is worth it on its own.

Waterman’s is no stranger to being in the media and has featured in national food shows with Bobby Flay and won countless awards. The small business is truly family owned and they are passionate about what they offer to people. They even allow you to bring your own Booze, grab a table and have a crab and lobster pallooza with your favorite Booze up.

As we sit enjoying the sea air and our bellies quietly subdued with our sumptuous gifts from the sea, one cant help feeling calm, peaceful and in awe of the whole experience. The car park starts to get busier and the toll of the lunchtime has not even arrived, but customers are plenty ranging from all ages and there is even a place to bring your pets. Rest rooms are two green porta loos and normally one would turn the nose up at that, but even that is nothing that would put you off from the experience. People even come here and get married on the beach, and why not, what a location for a wedding with shack filled lobster and crabs for the guests.