Baltimore lifts curfew imposed after unrest, relieving many

Fluoridated Horses at Coleby
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Some dumb anthropomorphic people think that as Mr Ruddock putting fertiliser factory waste in their children must be a good idea or the people at the Chemical Plot House wouldn’t have persuaded him to do it, so it must be good to fluoridate your horse too.

Now watch out.

Beware of the truth as it really can make life rather difficult.

In this case, it’s off to the river every day with a bowser if you’re wrong.

Ready? So, then, some fluoridated horse links:


BALTIMORE (Reuters) – The mayor of Baltimore on Sunday lifted a night curfew imposed on the city last week to stem a spate of looting and arson that followed the funeral of a young black man who died from injuries suffered while in police custody.

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