Antonio Velardo is Bringing His Real Estate Knowledge to South Florida

Real Estate Developer South Florida Antonio Velardo is Building Relations

Antonio VelardoAntonio Velardo is a modern day mogul who was born with real estate and construction knowledge running through his Italian blood; his family has been successful in the construction business since the 1800’s. This visionary and entrepreneur is currently bringing his strong real estate development insights to Southern Florida.

Mr. Verardo understands real estate from the ground up… literally. He is aware of what it takes to build everything from public roadways to commercial buildings to condominiums to luxury homes. His expertise lies in all aspects of construction, rebuilding, buying and selling of all forms of properties.

Antonio Velardo and His Success

But Antonio Velardo is more than an amazingly successful real estate developer; he shares his knowledge and wealth with others in the form of charitable contributions and taking time to work with new venture capitalists.

The beaches of Miami are even hotter now with this new Italian philanthropist in town.


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