America’s Last Ban on Sunday Shopping

Mitch Horn heard his call to action in a Babies R Us outside Secaucus, New Jersey. For the third Sunday in a row, Horn had made the forty-minute round trip from his home in Hackensack, crossing from Bergen County to neighboring Hudson County to pick up the wants and needs of contemporary parenting—on this particular day, fresh onesies. The ordeal was maddening to him. On any other day of the week, he could drop by his local Babies R Us, less than five minutes from his front door. And in any other county in America, he could legally do so on a Sunday.

“It’s all about our liberties,” Horn told me. “We should have the right to sell goods and to buy goods on any day or at any time that we choose.” So, with the ease of Facebook, he launched a movement: Modernize Bergen County.

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