Acceptance Is The Key

The state of the world is in turmoil and rather than jump into a new age fad of labeling this time as a great awakening, one has to look at the reality of how we have come to this moment in time and what we can do to move forward. The reality is, man has deceived man and tried to control the balance of human nature for his own gain. Now we see divine law and karma in operation. It is already in motion and people are suffering, and even though great lessons to be learned exist, many are suffering needlessly.

Darkness Awakes!

There is a great saying that in times of darkness there is always a blessing if one can find it. However, that is often easier said than done. No matter what we have come to expect or no matter how much knowledge one has amassed, the playing out of the action of that knowledge is often lost in nothing but theory without action.

At the time of writing this, I have lost count of the number of people who have reached out to me privately to express the upset, anguish, and anxiety they face on a daily basis. Anxiety at this time is at an all-time high and fear which brings forth that anxiety is eating away at many souls; then you have the added aspect of grief and its many faces, even without losing loved ones – we are all grieving the loss. We have lost parts of our identity and life as we perceived it. That loss can become the catalyst to inner turmoil and suffering.

A Call to Action

When this happened to the people of the world, I knew that people would need an outlet for their emotions and to express their grief and anxiety. I made an announcement in social media that I would be available on a private basis to help anyone who needed it, anyone who needed spiritual counsel, and the messages flooded in. Now, this was not for private sittings, nor to feed some need within myself and it cost nothing but time. It was to truly exemplify what Silver Birch meant when he said:

“The greatest gift you can give humanity is the gift of service.”

This was one small way that I could serve privately without pomp and circumstance.

As the messages came flooding in, one individual after another that needed comfort and spiritual counsel – poured out their souls, looking for some kind of direction and to understand – why? Now I am not a person that holds all the answers but I like to be led by the divine power within, and of course, allow the great spirit to lead those that needed words of comfort. One thing began to stand out to me; a pattern began to emerge with everyone, and an awareness of that pattern was all that was needed to navigate these turbulent waters. Most people had no real, true awareness and needed to understand themselves more at this time.

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It's all very AAFT

Anything in life starts with awareness, for without awareness we do not truly live, as we have no real capacity to know time in the present and the experience of the present moment. Without awareness, we are an empty dream without a story. We are a story without a book and a book with no audience. Awareness is indeed the key to change, for with awareness we have the choice to unlock that door. Awareness is actually a divine power often forgotten.

Caverns Of Despair

Most individuals that I conversed with were only aware of what they were told or shown according to others’ perceptions. They were not aware of themselves and were merely following what it was that others perceived. The outcome, of course, was deeper entrenchment in the material realm and becoming further separated from the power of spirit or the divinity within.

The type of awareness that arose within themselves was the ego’s awareness and not that of the inner power of divinity within. Therefore, all the ugly emotions and aspects of past actions or grief from loss, all came to the surface. As a result, one begins to question truths and lay the blame squarely at the feet of divine power – while feelings of anger and abandonment surfaces.

Did You Pray

I asked one individual if they prayed for help, and they confirmed they did. I then asked if they considered that their request for help was answered, and they said no. I then asked if they felt abandoned and they said yes, by God. I then replied, if you think you are abandoned and your prayer has not been answered, then who am I at this time? The key to getting through turbulent times is to trust in the power of the divine. The answers will always come but without awareness, they are lost.

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When we do not accept things as they are, we cannot change them. It is with nonacceptance that we fight with a power external to oneself and we give our power away to material power. In accepting things as they are, we have the power to move forward and come from the inner power of divinity by placing faith in our divinity and understanding that acceptance means to just be at one with the one mind that is the source of all things and supply of all things. We accept and therefore we are. We become the power that is latent within.


The other emotion or power (depending on how you see it) that many were missing was that of forgiveness. In this time of self isolation, all sorts of emotions such as guilt, fear and a disdain for oneself can come to the surface. In all but one conversation, the reality was that forgiveness was only a pattern of external action that had no real power for the self; it merely became glibly spoken words and thoughts with no pattern, to cause creation. The missing aspect is that none of them had forgiven themselves, for we experience everything in life as an inner experience. Nothing is experienced outside of oneself and so to forgive on an external plane holds no power.

When these individuals realized that all of their desired changes could happen with learning the true power of internal forgiveness, it all changed – at that moment. By learning to forgive from within, you choose acceptance, you choose non-suffering and in that respect, you release that which is holding you prisoner. All the external elements of forgiveness of others are already done because they did not exist in the timeline where suffering exists. You are now beginning to recognize the power of love within you.


Transformation takes place when acceptance and forgiveness are brought into harmony, which, in turn, awakens one to the power of love without condition. No matter the changes to your circumstances, you find peace within the acceptance and forgiveness you exemplify. You then find that you are the power within the source and holding the power at that moment means that your external reality is merely what is created outside of you – and the power to change things lies within you. Every experience is within oneself and to become aware of the power within, allows you to bring harmony and peace to any situation you find yourself in.

You are the power, you have the power to accept and to change and to know love without condition.

To this day, I still respond to those in need and I use those same 4 steps to awaken change: AAFT – Awareness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Transformation.

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